Friday, August 6, 2010

This is so blurry...but holy shit....why does Rob walking barefoot through the airport set my girlie parts aflame?

Pics of Rob at BNA airport 8-5-10 on Twitpic

So glad I checked back!!!!! on Twitpic

Have no idea where he's landed...but Rob is officially on VACATION for the first time on months!!

Enjoy it baby, you got Breaking Dawn coming up for a 6 month shoot.

Love you always,
Your Girl


17foreverlisa said...

Yep. Still does it for me. *DED* I want/need a damn HQ pic of this!!

lallieb said...

Rpattzgirl, I just made my way over to your blog, FINALLY! Love it. I also now realize the big connection you have with Nik, Dessert, et al, after Robstock II. (I'm a bit slow keeping up sometimes) Sorry you have not heard from her and understand your disappointment, WTF? I've saved you to my favorites and will be checking in as a nice alternative to ROBsessed. Things a bit different over there lately, not bad and better since Cheeky Chops got chopped, phew. Sorry you got bashed the other night for your comment. I was ready to go at her, but contained myself and others did it for you. Don't have to tell you what a great fan you are, and will defend your love of Rob always and am honored to share it with you. You seem like a lovely, smart lady.

lallieb said...
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RPaddict said...

Yess bring on the bare feet. I can't tell you how f-ing sexy that blurry shot at the airport is, and gah those thighs...whew..def need HHQ.

Saw you last night on twitter you had me in stiches laughing and all hot & bothered at the same time with all the Rob pics. Sorry coulndn't respond. DH was home.

I visit the blog often just don't always have the time to post.Have a great Robsessed day. Your the best.

RPnKSaddict =)

Laurie said...

What is it about those exposed feet? I wonder if it is because he always so layered up we don't get to see much skin. When we do, no matter what it is, it just is so sexy. But that is Rob for you.

Still no word from Nik? I sure hope she didn't end up back in the hospital or something. I miss the banter that used to go on at ROBsessed.