Monday, November 30, 2009

Rob drought of 09, week one

And so it begins....

The New Moon premiere and tour are over and you're not working again till February, so it's doubtful we'll see much of you in the next 2 months.

My heart sings for you because I know you need this, but sadly, I'm already missing you.


Just so you know, to date, I have seen New Moon 6 times. Not only is it a great movie, it keeps me connected to you, and it keeps me grounded. I plan on going at least once a week until it leaves theaters, or I go broke, which ever comes first.


Take all the time you need sweet man, I'll be here waiting for you when you surface.

Your girl

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uh-Oh I'm Busted

I am one of the few lame people who does not own a laptop. My daughter, son in law and kids and I own a house together, and we have one communal PC that we all share.

Daughter bought the PC, I pay for the internet, and we all use it. My daughter (family) are fully aware of my Rob obsession, and frankly hate it. I don't talk about it with them, because I get the sighs, the eye rolls, the tsk, tsk and can tell they're thinking I've lost my mind. But, they know as my bedroom is a shrine to Rob. So what? It's my fucking bedroom, I'm a grown ass woman, get over it.

Robert Pattinson Icon Pictures, Images and Photos

I suspect daughter knows about my blog, and the blogs I follow, but has never mentioned it. She's so disgusted by the whole thing she avoids the topic like the plague.

Robert Pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos

The other night she tells me "Mom, we need to talk". Uh-oh....

"Do you know you have over 400 pictures of that Rob guy on the PC?"

robert pattinson 9 Pictures, Images and Photos

"uh, yeah honey, I thought it was actually more".

Well needless to say, my photos gotta go. I need to get them on a CD or flash drive and get them off. I'm ok with that, really, and I know how this stuff bogs down the PC and takes up too much room. What really got me though was she looked and spoke to me like I was mentally incompetent, which she thinks I am.

Robert Pattinson Icon Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm ok with that too. I know I'm not, and I know I am not alone as I chat with so many wonderful, intelligent, delightful, insightful, and funny fellow Rob obsessed women each and every day.

Sometimes I feel like he's my "dirty little secret" and maybe there is something wrong with me, but then all I have to do is look his his eyes, and I know I'm home.

robert pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos

Good Fandango Interview

Good Interview. Rob says he didn't want Edward to be an asshole when leaving Bella.

Love you Rob, you are so Edward!

VF OutTakes # 4 good god Rob

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rob out & about in New York Nov 22

Hello gorgeous! So glad to see the beanie back again!!

Bring on Eclipse!

As Twilight New Moon soaks up money across the planet, Robert Pattinson has been talking about what we can expect from next summer’s Twilight Eclipse…

Even thought Twilight: New Moon has only just arrived in cinemas around the world, the third film in the cinematic saga, Eclipse, has already finished its shoot. Under the stewardship of 30 Days Of Night director David Slade, cameras were packed up a few weeks ago, and the film is already in post-production.

And, if you believe the bits and pieces coming out about the film, it's set to be just a little bit different from New Moon. After all, star Robert Pattinson has been reportedly suggesting that the film might actually push towards an R rating, as opposed to the PG-13 of New Moon.

We don't actually believe that's going to be the case, though, as Summit Entertainment will have a firm eye on the potential box office returns for the film, and if it puts a PG-13-rated cut of the film out in cinemas, then that's simply going to make more money. Considering, too, the large number of teenage girls who have been flocking to the movies over the past weekend, it's going to be keen not to cut off one of its core audience segments.

However, dig into what Pattinson actually said, and it's clear it was just speculation on his work. He was talking to SiTV when he made his comments, saying that "I don't know what rating Twilight was in England, like the American PG-13 or 18. I think it's pushing it to the absolute limit. It would be so funny if it was R-rated."

He did also note, though, that "It's a massively different movie to New Moon. There's so many more main parts, and having these huge battle sequences, I've never done anything like it in any of the other movies." Contrasting with that, Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, has spoken to MTV News about the greater amount of comedy in Eclipse.

Elsewhere, a photo of Twilight: Eclipse has also been released, but given that it features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart looking at each other, it could have arguably come from any of the movies or promotional shoots that the pair have done together over the last couple of years.

Amended Review of New Moon

I digress....I went back and saw the movie 2 more times, and going again today....and it gets BETTER & BETTER each time you see it.

I was so anxious during the first screening...I had been up for 18 hours straight at that point, and had already been in the theater for 7 hours by the time it started.

I was so busy trying not to throwing up from sheer nerves, that I focused mostly on what was missing in the movie, rather than what was there.

The movie, the acting, the directing, the special effects, the music were 100% all the way.

For me to see a movie 4 times in as many days, twice in one day even, says a lot.


And not that anyone will read this...but I beg you to please, please see the movie more than will not regret it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My review of New Moon

Finally, after so many long months,it's here! I was lucky enough to see it at 12:01 AM on Friday morning. My girlfriend and I went to see Twilight first, then New Moon.
A total of 9 hours at the theater, but well worth the wait.

I thought the movie was phenomenal! Here's a list of what I loved, and what I wasn't thrilled with.

The acting by the 3 stars, Rob, Kristen and Taylor was absolutely breathtaking. Even Taylor, who I am not a fan of, made me weep for his his pain.
Rob was so moving in not only his expressions, but his voice and his eyes. The pain, the longing, the restraint, and the "uptightness" that is all Edward was PERFECTION.

Kristen's portrayal of Bella still left me wanting a little more emotion, but I was really pleased with her performance.

Billy Burke is a total scene stealer as Charlie.

The humans were great...Jessica was a crack up.

Chris's directing and vision was beautiful.

The volturi were scary!

The wolves were amazing!

Things I did not like:

The wolf pack; bad acting...all the way around

The editing was terrible. They jumped from scene to scene so quickly that it ruined not only the previous scene, but the new one.

I hated the beginning of the movie because they started it with Bella running through the crowds in Italy.

So many pivotal scenes were left out, and I'm not talking about not enough Edward. I thought there was enough...but what really pissed me off is after they return from Italy (which btw, there's no trip home, they're just there).

No confrontation between Charlie and Edward, at all. That was a major FAIL.

After they are home and back in Bella's bedroom, and Edward tells her there's no hurry to change her-BOOM, they're in the Cullen's house. No discussion at all about putting it to a vote. Major FAIL there.

Victoria-bleh..did nothing for me.

Will I see it again??? Oh hell yes. Going again tomorrow and Monday. Am I disappointed? A little, but not enough to ruin it for me.

Bring on Eclipse!! I thought the ending was brilliant.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Moon Premiere Nov 16

there are s many beautiful, delicious photos, I can't post them all, although I'd love to print them all and sleep with them.
Here's a few of my favorites.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rob back in LA Nov 15

Rob safely lands back in LA after the crazy 4 country in 4 days New Moon tour! Premier is Nov 16, and then he's off again to hit the talk shows...then hopefully home to London for much needed vacation!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

When I first fell in love with Rob

Oh Rob,
When did you take over my life? It seems like the past year, every waking and sleeping moment is dedicated to you,and I remember exactly when it began.

Last November, we bought a new house and we were busy painting, getting ready for the move. I had heard of Twilight, but had never read the books, and had never heard of Robert Pattinson..oh the horror!

Three days before the big move, I fell and broke my foot. I was hospitalized for 3 days, then bedridden for close to three months. During one of my first days home from the hospital, in a drug haze, I happen to turn on The Ellen show, and she is talking about Twilight and you. Apparently you were her next guest. Ok, I'll pun intended. I really didn't expect much, after all, you were playing a 17 year old vampire in a tween movie.

Well, out you walked and I just about fell out of bed and broke my other foot. I was dumb founded, shell shocked, electrified, lust ridden and crazed by the time you walked out and took your seat. Then you spoke...and that was it. I was hooked. I was reeled in. I was a goner. rpattzgirl was born in that couple of minutes. I immediately started searching for anything and everything about you. I was lucky enough to catch you on the Today show, Jay Leno, Tyra...I was going nuts because I couldn't go to the movies to see Twilight. But, there's always a way...Amazon became my new best friend. I ordered all your UK movies and a special DVD player so that I could watch them. I ordered the entire Twilight series and read them all in a week.

I started searching the internet for anyone that talked about you, and stumbled upon the best blog out there...ROBsessed-addicted to Robert Pattinson. I was home. That site has saved my life and fed my soul.

The next thing you know, I am a Rob professor! I know everything there is to know. I've ordered all the books about you. I know your birthday, shoe size, home town, parents, siblings names..the name of your best friends and beloved dog.

Pretty soon, your photos are hanging all over my bedroom. My children are questioning my sanity. I hardly have any wall space left.

March 2009..I am back to work. My cubicle looks like my room. My families photos no longer adorn my walls, it's you. It's all you. My friends surprise me at work with a life size stand up of Edward Cullen..I'm screaming and laughing like a little girl at work. Edward has stood at the end of my bed ever since. He watches over me, he protects me. (no, I'm not crazy).

Twilight is released on DVD March 21. I thought I would go out of my mind. I buy 3 copies, because different stores sell different editions.

April, How To Be is on cable. I ordered it 4 times, at $6.99 a pop. I fell in love with that movie as well as Art. I fall more deeply in love with you every day. How To Be is up for pre-order in the UK, and of course I order it.

May, Little Ashes comes to Portland. I was there on opening day. I don't have enough words to describe how your portrayal of Salvador Dali affected me. Brilliant is a small word in comparison. I ordered that movie as well, and received it in July. To date, it's my favorite movie.

Of course, I watched daily while you were filming Remember Me in New York over the summer. I cried many times watching some of the things that went on there.

Now, New Moon is 5 days away, Eclipse is in the can. You've been on a press multi- country tour for the past week..and my love continues to grow strong for you each day.

It's not just your looks dear Rob. Or your charm. Or your accent. Or your acting. It's you...your soul, your light, your brilliance. It's everything my love.

I cry, I laugh, I desire.

I'm so proud of you as well. Proud of the choices you've made. Proud of the way you've handled yourself for the past 18 months. I am proud to say that I love you, I adore you, I worship you...above all, I respect you.

Things are winding down and coming to end of the New Moon road. The premier is days away, opening day less than a week. I know you will go home to London and soon as you can and spend some much needed quality time with friends and family. You haven't been home (the 8 hrs doesn't count) for almost a year.

I won't see you during that time, and although I will miss you deeply, I know this is what you need, and I will be waiting for you when you resurface.

You've got another busy year ahead of you with Bel Ami and Unbound Captives. You will have the press tour for Eclipse, then the opening of Eclipse....then shooting for Breaking Dawn..

I wish I could take away many of the untrue and downright nasty things that some people say and write about you..I find myself arguing and defending your right to privacy all the time.

I'm ok with that tesoro. I am here for you. You don't know I'm here, but I send my love to you each day. Take it with you where ever you go.

Your girl

Rob and Kristen Germany Fan Event Nov 14

Friday, November 13, 2009

Adorable T4 Interview with Rob

Fan Review Of Remember Me from advanced screening

From aristapattz:

I’m not good with reviews so I won’t even attempt to make one. A friend of mine who attended the screening has agreed to write a review and share it with us. As soon as she’s done writing one I will re-post it here for everyone to read. She and I pretty much agree and have the same feeling towards the movie. FYI there will be no sugarcoating in this review. It will be based in real opinions and honest feelings about the movie.

[Below] you’ll find just some of my opinions of the movie. And of course SPOILERS will be included. I have included tidbits of info and spoilers for certain scenes that people were interested in.

Let me start off by saying that it was great and refreshing to see Rob play a character who isn’t a 107 year old vampire. Tyler is a very complicated and challenging character and I think Rob did great portraying this character. We were able to witness another side of his acting. I am excited for him and can’t wait to see evolve in his future projects.

Although, he still has a lot of improving to do. He does this weird thing with his face (maybe it’s his acting mannerism) where he looks like he’s constipated. Don’t you dare tell me that you don’t see it cos he does it a lot in Twilight. If you disagree I will gladly point them out to you. I think this is what bugged me the most about his acting. He needs to loose this habit. His American accent was okay. It would change from time to time. I noticed that his British accent would slip a little and I could hear his Salvador Dali accent as well.

But let me tell you…Rob was beautiful in the movie. GODDAMN THE BOY WAS FUCKING HOT!

Now on to the good stuff (or the bad stuff)…

The movie overall was okay. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad. If you’ve read the script you’ll probably hate the changes they made in the movie (Again, I’m going to leave the technical stuff for my friend to do). We were told that we were the first ones to screen Remember Me and that the movie was still a working progress. There will be changes made to the movie based on the opinions and reactions they receive at the screenings. I can only hope that in any future screenings for Remember Me…they will find people who will be totally honest with their feelings towards the movie. There were only a few of us that were honest with our opinions during the discussion group. This movie can improve if they are given the right feedback.

Now on to the important stuff…

The sex scenes:

Yes, there were sex scenes in the movie. In fact, there were three.

* The first sex scene was about 1-2 minutes long. Most of it are close ups of them together having sex…naked…moaning…and groaning. We do see skin!!!

* The second sex scene is what I’m assuming is the next day after they have sex (or it could be a couple hours after the first sex session). They are both naked in bed laying side by side. It was kind of weird and awkward as they both started gyrating under the cover and started to make weird sex faces.

* The last sex scene was hot! Although, during the discussion group people felt that this scene was unnecessary and confusing. The scene takes place after he comes back from storming into his dads board meeting and confronts his dad for not showing up to Caroline’s art show. He comes back to his apartment (he and Ally had gotten into an argument before he confronts his dad) so they are both frustrated and angry. He storms in and is an emotional wreck. Ally tries to comfort him..which leads into hot, angry, frustrating sex. He’s pushing her up against the wall and they have nice wall sex together.

Little tidbits:

* Rob does not play the guitar in the movie. He does have a scene with a guitar on his lap but he doesn’t play it. :(

* There are a lot of skin teasing in this movie. We see Rob shirtless several times. And for those interested yes Emile shows off some skin in the movie too.

* Caroline and Aidan are my favorite characters in the movie. They stole the movie! Caroline was cute as a button and Aidan was fucking hilarious!

* The ending of the movie was crap. I thought I would be bawling by the end of the movie. This was not the case.

* This movie is NOT a romantic drama. It is not a chick flick.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Popsugar Interview-Good Different Questions!

More Rob in London..Press Conference and Fans

Oh Rob,
I can not remember the last time I saw you this happy or this relaxed? Maybe 18 months ago when Twilight first began?

You are glowing and radiating this energy and this beauty and you're making my heart sing a million songs.

I wish I could ask you what's changed.

Is it because Eclipse is over and you're out of Vancouver?
Is it because you really enjoy the press tours and the travel?
Is it because you are closer to getting back home for a real vacation?
Or is it because you've simply let your guard down and letting your true heart shine through?
I hope it's the latter.
What ever the reason may be, my sweet man, I've missed seeing this side of you and hope it stays with you forever.

You are my light. I am here, feel my love..

Your girl

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Untagged Rob and Kristen

And he's landed safely at home in London

Welcome home baby!

Rob and Kristen leaving Paris

Hmm...Nick does not look happy that photo was taken

Ok, deep breath and say AHHHHHHH...

Rob, you know I love you and won't comment on your personal life....

If this is your "out" I'm happy, if not, then hang on for a bumpy ride honey!

I love you, I'm here, I support you not matter what.

Your girl

Adorable Interview With Rob and the movie guy

You can stroll towards me anytime tesoro..

Rob in Paris

Rob leaving Paris on his way home to London for one day

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Photos of Rob in Paris

GAH!!!! The scruff, the lip biting!!

Rob Clears Up Hit by Cab Rumors

I remember when this was announced back in the summer, I was at work, and literally freaked out because they made it sound like he was running for his life to get away from fans,
Once again showing how the media constantly gets it wrong, and makes it harder on Rob.

Good interview..well any interview where I can hear him talk is good...but Shaun asked him really good questions.
Thank you Access Hollywood.

Off to Paris Nov 8

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris all left LAX yesterday for the start of the European Tour. First stop, Paris!

There are videos, but they are terrible and some of the worst I've seen. How Rob manages to stay sane is beyond me with all the terrible things the vultures shout out, and all the profanity.
Stay strong Rob...Be safe mi tesoro, mi amore.