Thursday, July 29, 2010

Water For Elephants Release Date

Ok it's official....April 15,2011!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my fucking god!!!! 260 days to go!!

This means the official ROBSTOCK III will be in full plan mode. All we need now is the premier date and the location and we are there!!!

I can't begin to post all the new pics that have come out in the past few days, so in honor of my southern NB's who are there or on their way to TN here is Robowski!!

Rob, has anyone told you how bad smoking is for you? But DAMN good for us!

Rob has a little sumpin sumpin he carries in his pocket...

Rob's bitchface to the pappz!

This is the face I dream about...

No fuckin words...

He's so silly....


Wet Rob and his designer sandals! He makes this look HOT!

To all the girls in or going south, Cullenlover07, LeslieHeartsRob, Lindsay, and Laci..

I love you all....MD MD!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Edward Stands In The Street For Rob

As most of you know, on Saturday July 24 Rob decided to spend the day doing normal everyday things that most of us take for granted. He wanted to see a movie, hang out with his friends and go to a pub to relax.

Did that happen? Of course not. Thanks to the most obnoxious gang, and I do mean gang of paparazzi's. Most, if not all are from that disgusting site Xonline. They are infamous for the things they have done to Rob and Kristen. They are the ones who went after Rob in LAX a couple years ago and got in his face and asked if she's sleeping with Kristen. They are the same ones that caught Kristen at a gas station and asked her of she's sleeping with Rob. I've heard that they will say ANYTHING to get the reaction they want. I read that they even said something to Rob once about his sister Lizzie, and what they'd like to do to her.

They have no boundaries, no morals, no humanity and no soul.

I won't post the pics or the video, because frankly they are disgusting and sad. I will post some of the dialogue from that night courtesy of RobLove...clink on the invisible link below...


[0:04 min] - day, standing beside car with agent Stephanie Ritz and lots of papz around flashing
- are you just gonna keep following me around?
Papz: no...
(drives away)

[1:15 min] - evening, standing on the street surrounded by papz
- ... I mean, seriously, you just look at yourself for a second - you got a million pictures. I can't drive when somebody is following me around, I got 5 cars following me around. You already got enough pictures.
(flashes blinding him) Jesus
[0:35 min]
Papz: get into car...
- I want you guys to leave first. Seriously just go first - go away and I'll leave.

[1:55 min] - walks to a papz
- Like, you can't hide behind it. Why you try to hide behind it, just speak to me to my face.

[2:26 min] - drives away, talks to police (constant flashes around him)

[3:02 min] - talks to papz
- ...I mean, you are not gonna find out, and this is the same reason coz I don't want people follow me all the time, coz when people follow me I get like, almost... This is ridiculous, like where is... I mean, seriously.

[3:12 min] - gets out of car
Papz: Are you feeling OK tonight, coz I heard some stuff about you. (walking in front of him pointing camera into his face)

[3:23 min] - address police again
- ...street
Voice: ...they are on the street too.
- ...follow me and it's dangerous... right behind me
Papz: Is fame driving you crazy bro?

[3:40 min] -walks on the street
Papz: Personally, I love all your movies everything about you... (walking in front of him pointing camera into his face)

[3:50] - to his car window approach female paparazzi (note: she's done this in past videos "provokes reaction")
Papz: Yea
Papz bitch: I don't have card on me, but, car?
(Rob smiles, listens)
Papz bitch: you... anything? (keep asking him questions)
- No. (shakes head in response)
(drives away, papz shouting - Team Edward)

This was after the entire day of them following him around. It started out with the movie theater with Stephanie, and then went on throughout the entire day into the night.

The LAPD did nothing to help. There are supposed to be anti-stalking laws in Calif. But who enforces them? Certainly not the LAPD.

So what can we as fans do? Well, don't click on the links of these websites, don't look at the pics, don't watch the videos, don't buy magazines that buy the photos, and don't visit blogs that post them.

It's a fine line, because most of the pics we love and see of Rob are in fact papz what do we do? Not look at any of them? I think that's almost impossible not to. I think there is a difference between some of the pix and ones that are clearly not ok. Rob hates them all, but lets me honest here, who's going to stop going to ROBsessed? Who's going to stop drooling over set pix from Water for Elephants?

A photo taken with a long lens from far away that's not too personal or invasive? Yeah, I'll probably still look. But the stalkerazzi ones, like from Saturday night; no way, no more. We have to take a stand and just say NO.

Edward says no more. Edward will stand in the street for Rob.

I will stand in the street for Rob too...but I can't take self photos!

All we can do is continue to love and support Rob. We can stop going to these websites and giving them hits. We can stop buying magazines that buy these photos. We can demand that our cities and counties uphold the paparazzi laws. We can sign petitions, and write to our Senators and Congress, and demand equal rights for all citizens, including celebrities.

Rob, sweetie, you will never know how sad your fans are. How angry we are. You will never know that most of us would quit our jobs and leave our families to help protect a heartbeat. Just let those scums of the earth try to get near you when NB's are around. They would leave with no cameras and probably no balls, not that they have any to begin with.

Here's what I like to see. Happy Rob melts my heart.


Silly Rob...



Relaxed Rob...


Sexy Rob...



Some mouth and jaw porn Rob...


Finger and uh, arse porn Rob...

Beautiful Rob...



This is how your fans want to see you Rob. We will protect you, at all costs.

Love Always,
Your Girl

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes Rob You Are A Man

This was floating around twitter the other night, and must have had 1000 hits I bet just in that one night!

Definitely, the hottest Rob video to date...but I bet, sometime in the near future there will be a hotter one...because well, he's Robert Fucking Pattinson, and gets hotter every fucking day....

But for now, this is the hottest thing I've ever seen (next to seeing him in person that is)

This is why I can't even look at another man.

This is why I say pffft to all things grandma...

This is why I spend as much time as I can that a word?

This is why my family thinks I'm whacked...

This is why I go through batteries like water.

Rob, why you do me this way?

This is why I'm so jealous of fucking Kristen Stewart!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fantastic Rob/Kristen video

Amazing video...made me have a love like this......

Finally, My Thoughts On Eclipse


After seeing it 13 times (and yes, there will be more) I think I can talk about it with some clarity and honesty, and leave my emotions out. Yeah, right...

I thought, and still think the movie is BRILLIANT and by far the best of the saga. Bill Condon has HUGE shoes to fill after David Slade.

When I think back to my feelings for the past year about David taking the helm, I'm a little ashamed. I mean, David Slade? He will fuck this movie up for sure. It will be a blood bath (as much as PG13 will allow) and he'll fuck up the love story between Edward & Bella.

Well, was I clearly wrong.


He did it. He did what Catherine did not, what Chris did not. He got the wanting, the yearning, the I love you's, the passion, the sexual tension, the tenderness and the most beautiful proposal.

I love this video, it's just of screen caps, but you get the idea..

And...David Slade also got the great fight scenes between the vampires and the wolves.

But...with any movie, there are things I wished made it into the movie, or did not deviate from the book. I know Stephanie Meyer feels the same here are my cons...

FierceWard....AngryWard...we all LOVE god, who wouldn't?

But...I loved the dialogue from the book better...way better..

"I'm not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella...but if you ever bring her back damaged again-and I don't care whose fault it is; I don't care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head-if you return her to me in less than perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that mongrel?"

"And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her". Eclipse, chapter 15, page 340.

I miss that in the movie. Edward was all about control and restraint, and I think the scene would have been even better than it was. Even though I loved the movie scene, this dialogue was better.

I really only have 2 more complaints...oh wait, 4 more..

I hated the cheesy music they chose when Jake shows up at the school...sorry, Taylor is just not that dangerous..

I hated that Bella left Edward just standing there, hurt and worried and jumped on the back of the bike with Jake...hated it...SM did not like that either. Bella never would have done that, or hurt Edward that way.

I hated the cheesy music for the scene between Victoria & Riley when she tells him she loves him. Over kill on that.

And lastly, I hated the Jake/Bella kiss on the mountain...she put more into that kiss than she EVER has with Edward, and I hated it.

That's it, everything else I loved...and still think it's the best.

Can't wait to make it #14.

Really looking forward to Breaking Dawn, and hate that it's 18 months away.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Summer House has Arrived!!!!

Finally, after waiting so long, it's finally here, and available for download on iTunes for $1.99.

I was finally able to download and watch..and although I thought Rob was left me just kinda, bleh...I waited for 2 years for this, and although I knew it was really short 13 min?? Rob's part was less than 3....left me wanting more..and feeling unfulfilled!!!! I know, I'm greedy!!

Enjoy these lovely screencaps..







Monday, July 12, 2010

New Outtakes from Recent Photoshoot-Ok everyone can just die HAPPY!

Dear Rob,

Stop, ok, really just stop. You cannot continue to do this to women who cannot have you. It's not fair! You really were just put on this earth just to tease us, right?

Well, it's working. You have grown ass women ready to quit their jobs, leave their family and friends, move to a new state just to get a glimpse of you! Me included!! If I thought I could get away with it, I'd be moving back to LA in a heartbeat.
You just wait, I may just do it someday!

I don't know who's picking out your clothes lately, but do me a favor? Keep them around...the colors you are wearing, the pants, the shoes...everything about it is just RIGHT. The fact that you are wearing vans, makes me squeeeeee!

Love you always,
Your Girl

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is on just about every blog and all over twitter because it really is the best interview I've ever seen!!!

Rob is being interviewed by a very good friend Miquita.

I love every single minute of it!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Awesome Parts Of Eclipse

The whole movie was BEYOND my expectations...I knew it would be good, because, well, Rob's in it. But it surpassed everything I could have imagined.

To borrow a line I love from Fools In Love..."It was everything I never knew I wanted".

Pause the music player to the right....

Here's some awesome highlights!

And here is Edwards Eclipse....these fans who made these 2 vids are brilliant!!







Robstock II My Journey Part VIII

Thursday night after the premier, after the movie, after Rob, surviving Rob, we went back to the hotel, and I for one just crashed and passed out. It was so over whelming. None of us were looking forward to Friday.
Friday meant Robstock II was over, and we would have to say goodbye.

Weeks before, we had arranged for Nikola6 to meet us for breakfast before some of the NB’s had to leave that day. She so wanted to meet these women, and we all wanted to meet her! Dessert and I already had plans with Nik for that day & evening.
Unfortunately, good old LA traffic interceded and she was running so late, she was not able to make breakfast. We still went and tried to savor our time together as much as we could; but all good things come to an end.

I don’t remember who left first. I just remember us standing in the lobby, crying, hugging, and saying good-bye. Nik did show up and was able to meet some of the NB’s. I will tell you that saying good-bye to them was one of the hardest things to do. These were my sisters, and none of us knew when we would be together again. But we definitely will. MD!!!!

So off to the next adventure!
Dessert was staying until Sunday, and I was staying till Saturday, and Nik had this brilliant idea to get us a room at the famous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. On her. Her treat. Are you kidding me? Nope, she was not kidding. We had also arranged to meet up with the lovely Loisada and have a Rob party of our own.

The Chateau goes back to the days of Hollywood where the Richard Burtons and Elizabeth Taylors stayed. Movie stars would often live there for a month or two. They had their love affairs there. John Belushi died there. It’s infamous…Rob and Kristen have stayed there several times. Remember the photographs of them from the balcony, or on the patio? Remember Rob eating on the patio? Remember the morning after the 2009 MTV movie awards? But, I’m getting ahead of myself…and no…we did not expect Rob and Kristen to be there. Nik just wanted to show us a side that most people never get to see.

We all hopped in Nik’s car and headed out to Piru, Ca which is one of the filming sites for Water For Elephants. (the other was Filmore). We met up with Loisada there, who is fearless! We hopped into her car and she had no problem saying, hey let’s try this road! We drove by the front of the set first and noticed a few cars parked across the street with fans waiting, hoping to get a glimpse. We drove around to the back, and got as close we could, without being on private property. There were also a few fans in the back as well.

It was AMAZING!!! The tents, the trains, the CIRCUS!!! I wish we’d have thought to bring binoculars!!! It was about 100* and just blazing hot. We just stood and stared, shared stories; got to know each other. Enjoying being together. You talk to people on line and form these bonds…but meeting them in person…the bonds just grow stronger.



After a while paparazzi started showing up…so we knew Rob must have arrived. Turns out, he’d just gotten there. It’s about 2:00 or 3:00 by now. The pap rats were trying to get photos, walking around, trying to be sneaky. I took a pic of one of them. Security came and told us we had to cross the street because we were on private property. Thank god Loisada had a couple of camp chairs in her car, because I was back to having cankles again! I was so burned by this time my feet were purple and my cankles were in full bloom. Hello! You lived in LA your entire adult life and didn’t bring sunscreen? Yep, that’s me.

Nik & Loisada went and bought us lunch and brought it back to Dessert & I. A couple of other fans showed up.
I immediately spotted Rob walking across the set. I’d know that walk anywhere. Hands in pockets, head down, long legs and log stride. I took tons of photos, but on my crappy little camera you can just see a dot…but that dot is Rob. He waived in our direction. The girls next to us had binoculars and confirmed it was indeed Rob. ( I knew that). We couldn’t see the filming, but we could hear all the clapping and cheering going on under the big top!
I think all in all we stayed out there about 3 or 4 hrs. Being that he didn’t get there till 3:00, we knew it would be a long day and night before he left, so we packed up and left and drove back to Hollywood.
Dessert & Nik went and stocked up on adult beverages and we headed into the Chateau!! What an amazing place this is. Just old Hollywood glamour, cool, and boy do they treat you like Queens!!!
Nik went to check us in and discovered a lovely surprise. We had been upgraded to a Bungalow…the best you can get! The place is to die for. Beautiful rooms, right near the pool, a secluded hideaway behind the bamboo trees. To quote Nik “ I wanna live here!”


Our plan that night was to drink, talk, watch Remember Me, and just have a Rob party. We did about ½ of that, as I was exhausted and I think went to bed at 11:00. Big partier!
Nik had made a reservation for us to have brunch on the patio on Saturday. I can’t believe she did all of this for us! We had brunch at 10:00. We weren’t seated more than 10 min. and in walks Xavier Samual (Riley) with his girlfriend. He sat at the table right next to us. This is a safe haven for celebrities. They’re not to be bothered or photographed, so we ignored..Sort of. There were some sideways glances!
The brunch was awesome, great food and service. Well duh!
Right as we were getting ready to leave, in walks Cameron Diaz & ARod. I am not star struck (only for Rob) so I really could care less, but it was still cool all the same.
Time for more good-byes at this point. Loisada had to get back to her family. She is such a lovely intelligent person and I so enjoyed meeting her and ROBsessing! Loisada was standing downstairs waiting for her car, right next to Adrian Brody!
Nik drove Dessert & I back to the hotel, where more good-byes were looming. It was time for me to go.
We drove down Sunset and Nik pointed out Rob’s In N Out, where he used to sit in his car and read scripts. (He read Remember Me there). You know I had to take a photo of that!


Saying good bye to Nik and Dessert was harsh as well. I’d spent an entire week with Dessert, and could hardly bare to leave her.

And Nik, what can I say? She’s my soul sister on so many levels. She knows why….and I love her to death.

Would I ever do this again? You bet your ARSE I would, in a heartbeat!!! It was worth every bit of pain (I had lots) and no sleep. Best of all was Rob, and my new BFF’s for life.
My advice for anyone thinking of doing this; Go for it. It’s the best time ever! (Are you listening JC?)
Having not camped out for Twilight and New Moon in Westwood, I have nothing to compare this experience with. From what I heard and have read, this sucked compared to the first two. I don’t care, I wouldn’t change a thing.
Would I do anything differently? Yes. I would and will speak to Rob next time. I will tell him what his movies mean to me. I will tell him what he means to me. I won’t ask him to dump Kstew and run away with this old lady, but I’ll think it all the same.
Thanks for reading! MD! MD! London calling!

Random pics...

Here's Kellan

Here's me..

The Nokia at night is so pretty..

Here's part of our Team Ross skit..

Here's a gorgeous pic of the mole we all want to nibble on!

And last but not least.... a beautiful smile...