Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazy People

Dear Rob & Kristen,

I am so sorry and feel sick to see the way you are treated when you try to go out in public. It's mostly the sharks and autograph hounds that treat you that way, but I've seen some fans misbehave as well.

Please know that most of your fans don't act like that, and most of us respect you both as people, and do not want to scare or harm you.

I feel saddened because I am a fan, and I would love to say hello someday, maybe shake your hand, and get a photo, but I can understand now why that's becoming more and more difficult for you to be around your fans.

Please know that you are loved and adored, and I admire the way you both handle the craziness.

Love Always,
your girl


roxiegirl said...

Thanks Rpattzgirl. My sentiments exactly. It got a little wild today on robsessed. I just had to lay low...I really wish you the best of luck when you go to Vancouver! If you get to see him - there is hope for the rest of us!!

rpattzgirl said...

Ah, thanks! Fingers crossed!