Monday, September 28, 2009

New Rob photo shoot from AnOther Man magazine

Oh Rob, in just a few days I will be prowling the streets of Vancouver in search of your beautiful face. I know that sounds a little stalker-y.
Please do not fear me, for I mean you no harm.
I promise not to chase you, or grab your neck or any other body part (unless you ask of course) and I promise not to scream.
I can not promise not to cry, or drool or quiver, or perhaps even be speechless.
If I am lucky enough to actually see you, I will behave and treat you with the op most respect as you so deserve.
I can not control my lusty thoughts, but I promise not to share them with you.
So please Rob, if you see a very short, blond finely aged person coming towards you, do not fear...take a deep breath and just let me love you through my eyes.
Love you always,

From Sept 26 in Vancouver-I know, I hate that the pappz are always waiting Rob.

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Thank You FP for untagging the photos.

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