Monday, September 21, 2009

Remember Me Fan Made-***WARNING***SPOILERS

I can't post the actual video, but here is the link.
It's beautifully made by Fakerparis of thinking of rob.



roxiegirl said...

On my god Terri - that video just killed me. I knew the ending from a thread on IMDB...but the video just gave me a huge pit in my stomach, plus very wet eyes. That movie will be the death of me - I'm almost glad I know the ending so I can go into it being prepared. (I cry alot at movies and I'll have to take a full box of puffs for this one. If I didn't know the ending I can just imagine the huge sob that would be wrenched out of me - probably will anyway!) Rob is so beautiful in the pictures. Oh my....
btw - have fun in Vancouver and I'll have my fingers crossed that you get lucky enough to see HHH. I'm so jealous!!

I'm off to read some FF. I have a list of ones I want to read, guess I'll just pick one. So many talk about Wide Awake and The Office...mmmm which one to read.
I really liked LYLS and a A Life Extraordinary. The best I've read so far.

rpattzgirl said...

Hey Roxie,

I know, my thoughts too girl-it just kills me...I even cried in the script!

Have you read the red line yet? It's rough, you will cry a lot, and it takes a strong stomach-but very good.

roxiegirl said...

Rpattzgirl - no I haven't read the Red Line. I'll put that one on my list....I started Wide Awake on Friday night and have done nothing but read non stop. It is so f*cking good. I could stay up all night...sigh..I've had so little sleep since I discovered fanfic!!

rpattzgirl said...

WA is still my favorite I think..
but LYLS is a close favorite.

I am now reading Emancipation Proclamation....and Edwards reminds me of WA Edward-so I am loving it!