Saturday, October 31, 2009

Till we meet again Rob Oct 31 Japan bound

Oh Rob,
After a long, long 25 day absence we finally said hello, and now you're off again?
The long journey begins for the New Moon promotional tour...Japan, London, Paris, Germany to name a few.
I want to be your lover, but feel like your mother sometimes (well I'm old enough to be, ahem).

I worry so much about you flying all over the world with the horrible pilots and planes we have these days.
I worry about what it will be like when you land...the screaming fans, the horrible, despicable sickens me to know what lies ahead of you.

But, I also know from the past that you will smile at everyone, show your true grace above all else, because that's what you do my love.

Please know that you are in my heart 100% of each and everyday, and that I really do say thank you each day that you are here with us.

Be safe my love, I'll be waiting as always for your safe return.

Your Girl


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