Monday, October 5, 2009

Vancouver BC experience

Melissa & me at the Blue Water Cafe (where I met Xavier)

Melissa & I as we begin our journey.


Here's Rob leaving Pinkys Sat night. I did not take this photo. Missed him by 15 minutes.

Here's Xavier (Riley). I did not take this photo.

With great anticipation and hope, my 2 friends + 1 really not invited daughter of one friend, hit the road for Vancouver in search of the mighty Rob and Eclipse filming.

We arrived around 1:00 and checked into hotel, then set out for Robson St. It was very crowded, and walking around you take your life in your hands, but safer than trying to drive in downtown. I will try to avoid writing all the annoying things of said daughter..but must say, she was very picky about places we wanted to go, where we wanted to eat, the menu, the prices-an hour in and friend #1 and I wanted to kill daughter of friend #2.

We went by Rob's hotel several times to see if maybe we could catch a glimpse, but no luck. We did not want to approach him, just see him. Friend #2 and daughter both knew this is what the trip was ALL about, but still managed to complain "how long are you going to stay here? It's cold, I'm tired, this is boring" Shut the fuck up. We made it clear this is what the trip was about, and all it was about was seeing Rob, some cast members, maybe some filming.

Friday night we hit Hamilton and went to Blue Water Cafe. It was very busy, very crowded and had a little over an hour wait. Bar was standing room only, Of course, more complaints followed. Shut the fuck up..please god...

We finally sat at the bar (well 3 did, one stood) and I noticed a very cute (gorgeous) guy 4 stools away and immedialtey thought it was Xavier Samuel (Riley). No one really believed me because they weren't familiar with what he looks like. I asked the bartender, but she didn't know. He was eating, and I didn't want to bother him, but I stared...a lot.

After he was through eating, I took a deep breath and went up to him and asked him if he's Xavier, and he smiled and said "yes I am". I introduced myself and we shook hands and chatted for about 5 minutes. Total sweetheart, and just adorable. Because we were in a very busy public place, I respectfully did not ask for a photo or autograph.. He left a short time later, but walked by me and waived before he left.

Score! First vampire!

Friend #1 and I went back to Rob's hotel late that night, but still no sighting. We found out later they had filmed late into the night.

Saturday, we went out and got coffee & muffin, and back to Rob's hotel. The other 2 were tired, and didn't want to come. Good. While there, I spotted 4 mid-aged women standing there and told my friend, "they're stalkers". Oh yea, guess we are too. They left for a few minutes, then came back, and one asked if we knew who was staying here. Of course, they were fellow Rob lovers from VA. We chatted a moment, and told them about my meeting Xavier the night before. They were impressed, as they hadn't seen anyone yet.
We stayed a bit longer, and the other 2 showed up, wanting to know what we were going to do today. Well, what'cha think? They wanted to sight see & shop, we wanted to hunt vampires. Long story short, they went their way, we went ours.
We drove out to Surrey to see if we could find Bella's house. We found the street, but not the house. Back downtown, Robson, Granville...found a cute bar and dropped our asses in there.
Hostess was very nice and asked why we were in town. I gave up my guilty secret, and after a few minutes of chatting with her, and her decided we weren't crazy stalkers, she told me she and Jackson are very good friends. She gave me some tips on where they might be that night. She was so sweet and didn't have to do that, and I'm really happy to have met her.

We go back to hotel, everyone tired and napping (not me, I'm too excited) I made it clear we were going back to Yaletown and Hamilton street that night. We walked down there (more complaints BTW) and once discovered it was going to be really long waits again...and the wining and complaining started again, I gave in and we left and drove to Gastown. Hated it down there..nothing but crzy wild drunk people, and we almost got hit by a drunk driver.

We ended up and the bar in the hotel and had dinner & drinks.

I told my friend I felt like it was a mistake to leave Yaletown, I had a feeling Rob would be there. Of course, he was. Rob & Kristen were right across the street from us having dinner and we missed them by 15 minutes. I never wanted to kill someone so bad in my life.

After I saw the pappz photos & video, I was glad we didn't see them after all because it was disgusting what they did to Rob and Kris, and I felt sick that I had wanted to see them so bad.

We left on Sunday. Complaints and other crap on the way home...we couldn't wait to get out of the fucking car.

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