Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic Con High

No, I did not attend CC, but thanks to all my glorious NM/Rob/Twilight friends and fellow blogger's & tweeters, I got to experience as much as possible, without physically being there.

I feel emotional drained & ramped up all at the same time. It was almost too much to take in, but I'll gladly take it any day.

Chris Weitz is a genius, and I can say that without even seeing the film yet. I feel it in my bones, and I can tell that from the 3 clips we've now seen. This movie will be magic. David Slade will be stepping into some very big shoes with Eclipse starting in 3 weeks.

Rob was of course, simply Robalicious as he always his. He is funny (hysterical really) articulate, witty and so fucking humble, it's a treasure just to listen to him.

Highlight moments:
When asked what they are looking forward to in the upcoming movies; Kristen responded with getting pregnant. SMACK DOWN to all those nasty rumors-and good for her.

When asked if Rob was planning on any more comedies in the future; Rob said he's really not that funny, has one leg shorter than the other so can look like an idiot, but that he's not that witty. Modesty is one of his best qualities.

When asked what they all brought to their characters; Rob "I look a bit like him".

There are way too many photos, interviews and videos for me to post, so I only posted some of my favorites. I have a lot more photos I need to get posted.

I love these people, this movie franchise is simply the best.

Rob, as always, you OWN my heart & soul.

Here's a great link with tons of great photos from the fabulous Random Acts of Rob:

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