Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dark Sunday's

Sunday's are always the darkest for me because (and thankfully for him) there is usually no new Rob news, photos, videos.

Somehow, he gets by on the weekends without being stalked, or at least photographed and recorded anyway.

I constantly wonder how the daily videos, photos, screaming fans, screaming pappz affect him since he's been in NY? We're going on 6 wks. now. You certainly can't tell by viewing some of the scenes being filmed, as he is always professional and totally into character.

But, then there are those photos that get captured where he looks so sad, or pissed or stressed, and we have no way of knowing if he's just trying to stay in character, or is he just really fed up?

You see the photos of him when the day is done & he almost ALWAYS has a big ol' smile on his face, so then I think, ok, he must be ok then.

There's been numerous photos of him at 5:00AM signing autographs for his fans, taking photos and being just as sweet & giving as we all know that he is.

The few people out there who have made rude comments because he didn't look up, didn't waive, didn't acknowledge them??? Helllo, people, he is working!!! Do people really expect him to look up & waive & acknowledge every single scream or person that screams out his name?

Or the rude fucking pappz that yell out "hey vampire, look over here". How disrespectful they are. I can see now why some celebs get fed up and start punching them.

I hope for Rob's sake it never gets to that point.
I hope Rob knows how much we all really love him and that we do not condone this, and we do not want this for him.

Although I miss seeing him daily, I am grateful that somehow he manages to have a few quiet days here and there.

Rob honey, here's to you having some peace & quiet, and maybe a few beers with your mates.

You deserve it sweetheart!

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