Saturday, July 18, 2009

Interview with Melissa Rosenberg on New Moon

From Rotten Tomatoes Set Visit:

"New Moon is very internal," Rosenberg explained. "There's been a lot of talk about how Edward and the Cullens are not a part of the middle of New Moon, but actually they really are. Certainly, Edward's very much alive in Bella's mind throughout New Moon. As a reader, you feel his presence; he's helping drive that story."She continued: "It's harder to do on film; you have to somehow find his presence and bring it there without having thought bubbles, constantly. And I think the solution that we found is going to satisfy fans. It's very much in keeping with the tone of the book, so it will be interesting...I think fans will feel pretty satisfied with what we're doing. One, because it's true to the book, and two, because we'll see more Edward! Can't be bad."As with the first film, certain changes are necessary to fit the medium of film. Rosenberg's philosophy is that as long as the viewer's experience is the same, Meyer's book has been faithfully adapted."Things have to move out of an internal place and into an external, visual reality," she began, "so there are many things I changed. But as long as we hit the emotional experience, I think, it will resonate the same way. Twilight was that same thing. There were a lot of things that were in the book that weren't in the movie, but because we hit the emotional stepping stone all the way throughout, you took the same journey that you took with the characters in the book, and that's what's really most important about an adaptation; you have to take your audience on the same emotional journey, take your characters on the same emotional journey, as they do in the book and then everyone will have the same experience."

So...I am still really nervous about this. One of my biggest complaints is the missing "I love you's" in Twilight.
It could not have been left out because they wanted to keep it PG, right? I mean, it was in the book for fuck's sake, why leave it out of the movie?
They (meaning Chris & Melissa) really need to get this right. By leaving out the "I love you''s" they're really taking away from the story, and the important lead in's to the other movies.
Chris W has reported that the proposal is in New Moon, but that it is different than in the book..
I am thankful & excited that it's in there, but how is it different, and why? It was awesome, so why change it if it's not broken.
Holding my breath till November.

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