Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remember Me is almost over

**Possible Spoilers**

We have had the absolute pleasure to see stills and videos from Rob's new movie Remember Me which has been shooting on location in NY since 6/15/09.

Having read the script, it's wonderful to be able to follow along and see all the shots from the movie.
Unfortunately, asshole pappz & crazy ass fucking fans have caused all kinds of trouble and has, I'm sure, made it difficult for everyone, especially Rob.

Rob is my first, last and only obsession, and he really does own my heart and soul. I crave every angle of his face like a body needs water.

But I also am in awe of him as a human being. His personality, his humor, his shyness and his dorkability is charming.

Remember Me is coming to a close in just a few days, and alas, we must wait for 2/10 to see this, what is sure to be, glorious film.

Eclipse is starting soon, and I wish Rob at least a few weeks off to enjoy some reading, playing music with his mates, getting drunk of his ass with no 5:00 AM wake up calls, and out of the public eye; if if only for a while.

I will miss seeing this face everyday, I already miss hearing his voice, but mostly, I want him to have some down time. He hasn't had any since March and he has earned it!

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