Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy (sad) Holidays to All

The holidays are such an emotional time for me (as they are for many) and I try my hardest to get through it with as much grace (and alcohol) as possible.

I tend to literally break down in tears when I see some little shabby shack of a home with their little shabby bush, with it's one strand of Christmas lights blinking. I lose it completely.

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole sends me running into my room, throwing myself on my bed, gulping for air through my sobs.

Photos and videos of loved ones meeting each other at the airports, collapsing into each others arms and I need a bottle of Xanex to get me through those..

And don't let me see the coffee commercial where the solider surprises his mother on Christmas morning…I DIED when I saw that one.

It's the music, the lights, the families reconnecting, the missing of loved ones who are either no longer with us, or that we can't be with that causes me the most grief. For others it's money, or sadness that the end of another year in their life is ending…yay, that one gets me too.

Now, this is my 2nd Christmas missing Rob. He generally goes home for the holidays, and according to many, he's already there. Rumor has it that he was spotted at LAX on Monday 12/22 on his way home. I haven't seen any photos, and I am trying my best not to search for any, as clearly that would make me the biggest hypocrite ever.

I do admit though, I wished I could have seen him one more time before he left.

I wish Rob and all the wonderful, bright and most wonderful women ever to grace my life on ROBsessed blog Happy Holidays.

Rob, I miss you and I love you honey, have a wonderful time with your family and your mates, and come back to me soon.

Love Always,
Your Girl


17foreverlisa said...

The holidays can definitely be a bittersweet time for people.

I just sent you an email with my Christmas gift for you attached. Hopefully, it will make you a little less sad while you're waiting for Rob to get back ;)


Ripley said...

I wish you and all the Obsessed RP lovers a very Merry Christmas. I'm glad to hear he's at home. I miss him already.
Apparently he won't be under my tree this year. I can only hope for next year.
Off to home/kitchen duties for the Oregon, CA, & Wisconsin guests