Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sam Bradley Concert Dec 3

My friend Melissa and I were lucky enough to see Sam Bradley and his amazing band on Wed Dec 3 in Portland at the Wonder Ballroom.

Most of the people were there to see someone else, but when Sam stepped on stage and started singing, people started asking "who is this guy? He's awesome"

Sam played for about 45 minutes, and although I can't remember the whole set, he did sing Scared, Too Far Gone and Whiskey, some of my favorites!

He was charming, funny and so full of energy. His new band is awesome!

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JandR said...

Sam is awesome - so glad you got to see him live and love the pic! I should have got you to ask him when he will venture down under! We NEED these Brit boys to come to Oz...otherwise I am just going to have to come to US to see them! :)