Sunday, December 6, 2009

My night with Bobby Long

Thank you so much for Lisa for pulling my head out of my ass and telling me that Bobby was playing last night in my town! I had no idea!!

No one was available to go with me, so, gulp, with the help of supportive gals on Robsessed, I went by myself!

I was the first one in, and was able to get the table right next to the stage!! OMFG! Bobby was running late as he was stuck in traffic coming from the airport.

I think he finally took the stage around 8:30 or 8:45. HEAVEN! He sang new songs as well as old songs, and even some cover songs.
What I love about Bobby (and Sam) is that they talk with the audience through their performance, and make it very intimate.

Bobby was talking about how crazy LA is and that it's not as cool as it thinks it is. I asked him if he got chased by pappz the night before (Friday) and he laughed and said "I always get chased" then said "yea, we got chased" I said "I know you did, I saw" and he just laughed.

Here's link to audio of Bobby & me in the backround:

The show ended around 10:00 (too soon) and I was able to go meet him and chat briefly and get a photo with him.

He's soooo tall (of course, I'm a midget) but at least 6'3. Very good looking, well duh. His accent is to die for (think Rob) and the hair...good lord the's always in his eyes, covering his face, and he constantly moves it out and off...remind you of anyone?

I was lucky enough to sit with a gal from the blog..nice girls...small world!

I have one question though...Why do fucking people go to a concert or show and fucking TALK THROUGH THE WHOLE THING???

These asshole girls behind talked through his whole show. I started out nicely asking them to shush...but by the end of the night I was shouting "shut the fuck up".

Here's a couple of very short videos of Bobby from last night. It was so dark in there and the quality is awful, but it's him no less. Plus I am a camera re-tard and couldn't hold it still, or keep it on him!


ADM said...

Awesome! So glad you got to go. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Well, with the exception of the dummies who talked too much. Love the pics.

rpattzgirl said...

Thanks ADM! It was really a great experience!

sprtzmom1721 said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky you! Nothing like that ever happens here in the Midwest. Thanks for sharing, and it was really great to put a face with your blog identity :)

17 Forever

rpattzgirl said...

All thanks to you Lisa!!!

sprtzmom1721 said...

I wish I could take credit, but it must have been another Lisa. Sorry!!


Laurie said...

Hey, you got pictures! Wow! Thanks for posting your blog site on ROBsessed and the write up.

Just wanted to let you know that Marcus will be in Seattle tomorrow night at the Vera Project (Seattle Center). #2 son and his wife are going with me. My digital camera is broken...sniff

Georgie said...

That's great RPG, saw your tweets from last night; AND you got a photo with him and also with Sam Bradley during the week! The Brit pack must enjoy their parallel tours.

My daughter and 2 22y/o BFFs arrived in LA last week on a month long US holiday from Australia. So spurred on by the OzPattz, I tipped her off that Rob might be at Marcus Foster's performance at Hotel Cafe on Friday night and gave her directions from where she's staying (4 mins walk away), but she didn't go...and Rob WAS there!! Not that she's a Marcus or Rob fan ha ha but she could have gone for ME!

rpattzgirl said...

Georgie..oh no! She didn't go???? Aghhhhh..I would be kicking myself all the way home!!!!

Laurie, I know!!! I wish I could go to the Seattle show.. but it's 3.5 hrs away and I have to be at work at 6:30 on Tues..I'm so bummed.

At Sams show I was in line with the lady that sets up Marcus travel/hotel and she was making sure rooms have a balcony so he can smoke and and extra bed in the room for someone, and setting up meet & greets fir Seattle and San Francisco!

I spoof wanted to ask her questions, but didn't!

rpattzgirl said...

Lisa, really? Swore it was you!!!

kittykat said...

Hey RPG - I just wanted to come over and thank you for sharing your photos and experience with us! Love your blog too!

kittykat said...

Oh, meant to add - I love Sam Bradley's music! You're so lucky you got to see him as well... Is he as funny and cute in person?

rpattzgirl said...

Thanks hun! And yes Sam was a blast to see...he's so funny & just bounces all over the place...

I think fun with him and think SEX with Bobby!

JandR said...

fun with Sam and Sex with Bobby (god he looks HOT) - what are you leaving for Rob??

Thanks for sharing RPG - I am late to the party as usual - had to wait for my days off work to check things properly online but hey just LOVE that you got to see both the Brit boys...can't wait for you to add Rob meeting/sighting/whatever... to your collection so I can live vicariously through you! LOL

Lisa said...

Love your story! Glad you got to see Bobby. BTW I'm the Lisa that contacted you. I've been lucky to see Bobby, Marcus and Sam at the Hotel Cafe Here. It's VERY quiet actually maybe too quiet. Sorry that everyone was talking.

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@Lisa - I'm glad you stepped forward to take credit. I only WISH I were you and that I had been lucky enough to see Sam, Marcus, and Bobby :)

(the other) Lisa
17 Forever

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

P.S.: I changed my blogger "name" last night, so that should help tell us apart :)

rpattzgirl said...

Lmao!!! Thank you so much darlin!!!! I owe you big time!!

crazy vamp said...

Oh, God, RPG! I saw your picture with Bobby and, for a sec, thought it was you and RobArt!!
See where my mind goes??

That was great!!
You REALLY did it!

And, one more thing, you look so familiar to me... no, I'm not even close to Portland. I'm in Rio de Janeiro...
Congrats, RPG! U rock!!

rpattzgirl said...

Thanks CV!!!

I wish it was Rob, but Bobby is sexy too and such a sweatheart!

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