Friday, January 29, 2010

FanFic rec's

This story takes place about 2 years after Edward and the Cullens left Forks in New Moon. But what if Edward didn't really leave? What if he's been secretly watching over and protecting Bella without her knowledge? What happens when they finally see each other?
A Cold, White Christmas by EdwardsBloodType

A Cold White Christmas

Another great story by Lazykate.

This story takes place after high school. Edward and Bella really never talked much in high school, and Bella could never understand why Edward kept his distance. Bella is working part time for a catering company, and they are due to cater a party at the Cullen's. Bella hasn't seen Edward in several years, thinking that he's been away at college.

This is the story of what happens when they see each other after all this time.

I don't believe in vampires


ADM said...

Ooooooh, these sound interesting!

Thanks for the rec's.

rpattzgirl said...

They're both really good, and white Xmas is complete!

ADM said...

Glad one is complete. I am reading so many incomplete stories that I feel overwhelmed. Updates all seem to come at the same time. Takes me days to get through them.

Yet, I can't stop adding to the list. I'll read the complete one first.

ADM said...

I read A Cold White Christmas. Thank you for the rec. I enjoyed it. I was surprised by the direction the end took. But, it was still good.

I think I may start the other now.

I'm going to leave this rec here, hope you get it.

This is one very smokin hot Edward. Some smut prior but no actual sex till chapter 13. Believe me you will be so ready, the UST is high.