Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For the love of Edward

I've decided to start posting Rob's characters; like Edward, Tyler, Salvador, Art, Cedric, and soon Georges....

And of course, have to start with none other than Edward. Here's to you Edward!

Edward Masen. Born 1901, Chicago, IL. Became Edward Cullen 1918.

I just realized....you can't have Edward without some Edward porn...

***Sigh** I can't pick a favorite, can you? I honestly think I love Twilight Edward the best.


ADM said...


I agree, nothing beats Twilight's Edward. Not that I didn't love NM's Edward. Twilight is where I fell in love. Left the theater saying "I'm going to google him when I get home". I did, too bad he wasn't there to feel it. LOL

When he filmed Twi, he had so much less on his shoulders. It shows. There was a playful innocence to him last year. This year he looks older wiser and much less playful. He still showed wit, charm and some playfulness, it just seemed reined in. They have to grow up sometime.


rpattzgirl said...

I so agree with you!

I am so hoping that Eclipse Edward is closer to Twilight Edward...he already looks better in the few photographs we've seen!

RPlover said...

I'm hoping Eclipse Edward is going to be closer to Twilight Edward, too! I love both, but I agree-I might lean a little more towards Twilight.

oh, I don't care how we get him, just that we get him! LOL

17foreverlisa said...

Twilight Edward is the face that started it all. He will always be my "first love."


piningforthepretty said...
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