Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yummy Wishful Manip by Lolipop82

Here is an outstanding manip that I lifted off of Lisa's blog....Wish it were real, but this is the next best thing!


ADM said...

Hells Bells, you RPG are pure evil!

I is so dead!!

rpattzgirl said...

God if it were only REAL!

ADM said...

And in my shower!

Ana73 said...

holy shit, i wish that was real too but the manip looks great :)

adm - sorry not in your shower but in mine :))

Ana73 said...

HA Confusion - ch. 27, ch. 28 are there but ch. 29 wasn't really a chapter it was an explanation of her outtake on FF for Haiti thing . BUt it was stirring things up because it was really really smutty but i loved it :) it wasn't a real outtake it was like a "what if..." but alot of people didn't like it because it was over the top. so it was like little ashes...where bella & jasper hook up while edward watches (you know the whole no touching thing) but she wrote with such emotion and i didn't think it was bad at all but then again i like smut and i think you do too. but i didn't want to talk about it on the other site because i was worried that those that didn't like it would start talking shit so i was just getting your opinion on it, that's all.

RPlover said...

Good God! I know it's want!

LOL, ADM-I wouldn't be upset if I found that in my bathroom. ;))

17foreverlisa said...

Yay! I'm glad you swiped this manip from my blog and shared him with your Followers, Teri!! Everyone should have the pleasure of getting wet with Shower Rob ;) Lolypop82 outdid herself on this one. XXXOOO

17 forever

P.S.: Every Monday is Manip Monday on my blog and Lolypop82 made me something special for this Monday. I think you're going to like it!

rpattzgirl said...


Ohhhh, I can't wait!!!! There are so many creative people out there it blows my mind!!

oh... Ok now I understand... I'll need to go back & make sure I didn't miss anything!

Yea.. I could see why people wouldn't like that!