Monday, January 18, 2010

Rob Drought 2010

It really hasn't been that long since we saw the fan photo of Rob a few weeks ago, and the photos of Rob, Kristen and all the boys walking around, but it's a drought all the same and I am missing him quite a bit.

Here's some old Rob, just because....
The whistle

The Smirk (and does he have wet hair??)

And ohhhhh, the legs!!!

OMG his legs are so long!

Missing you Rob,
Love Always,
Your Girl


Anonymous said...
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RPlover said...

ugh, I miss him, too. Love the pics-never seen the smirk one. Nice!

I so hope we see him soon...

rpattzgirl said...

I know I found these being passed around on twiitter!!!

I didn't see the treser pining...uh oh, scared now!

Thanks for stopping by!

ADM said...

Miss him, too!

That smirk pic is new to me as well.

Ana73 said...

but the drought will end on friday, jan. 22nd YAY!!!!

i home again...son sick AGAIN!!! just got back from hospital where they did more chest x-rays, i hate that place.

just getting caught up with all of FF updates...HA what the heck is going on, are they on the run from charlie, are they going to get married, i really wasn't expecting that one.

17foreverlisa said...

New pictures. Yes!!! Love Rob in sunglasses. Love Rob with wet hair. Love Rob with long legs. Love Rob...well...I just love him :) Thanks, Terri!

@piningforthepretty - What teaser?!

Anonymous said...
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rpattzgirl said...

OMG!! Pining!!! Geez!! Now I am really dying for the update!!

I'm so sorry about your little one..poor baby just needs to get well!