Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Day That DuRob Killed Us All

Besides the fact that this man is responsible for the screams heard all around the world today, the hoards of women who fainted, drooled, dribbled, leaked, frothed at the mouth and probably other orifices, he's probably also responsible for many pregnancies and even possible death by heart failure, or failure to breath.

AS beautiful as he looks, he also looks exhausted...I don't know if it's him or Georges, but he looks tired...


This look says, "You are far to beneath me"

Oh, Mr. Pouty Face....


How you doin?


You are kidding me, right?

I smell something stanka, dank, dank!

Dear God, Please don't let big Rob show in these pants, please....

Hmmm, too much going on here, can't concentrate..

i just keep coming back here....BLOW!!!!!! #SOMUCHPORN @pilin... on Twitpic

Video of Rob filming yesterday..He's so adorable!


wensdazzled said...

FILTM--to fucking hot for his own good--and i want to be the umbrella or the hat LOL

RPLover said...

LMAO! Fuckhot pics but I'm loving your tags. ;)

Although the one you have as pouty face I thought was more kissy face. Damn right, I'd love a smooch! hehehe

wensdazzled said...

i'd kiss him in any of them--maybe he just wants it rough :)

rpattzgirl said...

He's just too much for words...I really don't think we will make it through this movie!!!