Monday, April 12, 2010

Rob and Kristen leave Budapest

Well filming in Budapest is over, although I'm not sure if the whole filming is over..although I believe that it is. It's been so great since the movie started as we've had so many amazing photos of DuRob....but it's back to reality now.....

There was much speculation that Kristen went to Budapest to be with Rob for her know the saying, if there's no photos then it didn't happen. Personally I think there's a lot that happens that these two are lucky enough to not have photographed....but here we There's a video too, you can find that on ROBsessed or just about anywhere else.



Who thinks the first thing Rob does when he gets a chance is get a haircut? It's been driving him crazy for months!

I for one am happy to see them together, but as always, this opens up all the shit storms once again. I hope everyone will leave them alone...but I know that won't happen.

Rob has about a month off before Water for Elephants begins, and the whirlwind of Eclipse promos (and Robstock)!!

I hope these two get some quiet time together....

Sending them both lots of love...but Rob, I'm still your girl...

Update here's a good video. I hate posting papp videos, but at least no one is screaming at them. I love how Rob keeps checking back to make sure Kristen is ok...and the stop at MCD's kills me!

Kristen and Rob leaving Budapest
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ADM said...

RPG, I am happy Rob has someone and is happy. His life would be even more difficult if he did not have someone that understands and can deal with it.

I, however, do not like to see pics of them together. Not because I am jealous, but because I hate the negativity that follows. I do not get it at all.

It also kills my RobBuzz. Why can't they say "nice pic" and move on? I do!

I am home, now. I will be around more.


ADM said...

I look forward to the day that seeing them together is so common that no one notices.

One can dream.

rpattzgirl said...

Hey ADM!
I miss talking to yo so much! Most of us have moved on to twitter because we don't have to monitor what we say, and we don't let trolls have access or follow any's so nice & peaceful...

But I miss you , Emily & Ellie!!!

RPLover said...

ITA with you, ADM! I've known for a long time that they were really together, but do NOT get why everyone gets their panties in a twist about it. Thank God we all have each other! =0)

RPaddict said...

I'm glad that they have a chance to spend some time together before the awesome madness that Eclipse will bring.
I also think it's awsome that Rob and Kristen have positive support like you and some of the other's I follow on twitter.
I think it's smart to surround yourself with like minds and avoid the haters and negativity.

Ana73 said...

ITA with all of the comments :))

i am really happy that they didn't get papped til they were leaving, she got in without anyone really knowing. who he is with doesn't affect me at all, i still love and adore him and will continue to be a fan. i dont understand the kristen hate at all, it doesn't make sense to me. oh well, the only thing that i am sad about is that we wont be getting anymore daily pics :(