Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eclipse Trailer all in one!!! DIES!!!

I seriously can't wait for this movie!

I admit, when I first heard David Slade was the director, I got nervous..I have not liked his other movies...although the direction was good, just not to my taste...

Not to mention that fact that we got NO teasers during filming..and all his tweets were about the wolves!!! FAIL!!!

But...then those TABOO leaked pictures came out, then the first trailer, and I'm like, hmm, ok, there's some Edward & Bella lovin going on up in here! Lets face it..that's what we all want to see...we don't give a shit about the rest...but we know it all ties the story together, so we gotta sit though it...

I think David might just surprise us after all.!


ADM said...

I agree! Looks like it is going to be a rollercoaster of emotion, just like the book.

One minute there are killer vampires on the loose and the next leg hitches with Edward.

I would kill for leg hitches with Edward!

rpattzgirl said...

I sure hope so ADM...I hope this is not a case where they actually put this stuff in the trailers but NOT in the movie!!