Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shock and Awe!!!!

This has already made the rounds, but I gotta post it because I am missing my guy so much!!!!!

And just to add to the heartfail...some fuck hawt photos!!!


Hello Promise Land!


Yes, I really do adore you!


Oh My God...I would follow you anywhere...



ADM said...

And now I am dead!

Please feed my dogs.

HeartRob said...

Indescribably beautiful and damn sexy. Oh my god so damn sexy.
I think if I ever meet him, then one would have to hold me. Otherwise I would fall upon him.

Thanks rpattzgirl. I miss him too.

RPLover said...

Damn the drought! Thanks for the pics, bb. When you're done feeding ADM's pups, can you swing by and feed my cat? kthxbai ;)