Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Hot Rob because, well he just is....

I'm not objectifying or anything like that, I am appreciating the beauty that is Rob..

I love this one. He's so carefree and happy, with his flush and chest porn...


OMG, Annie posted this on's to die for..

This is also one of my favorite Rob photos. Back when he was free to roam the streets, a little tipsy and just so carefree...

And lastly, there is THIS. No words are needed....

good night tweeps! have a nice evening! on Twitpic

I love you Rob,
Your girl


17foreverlisa said...

Well hello happy trail! LOL!

I love tipsy Rob. The video that goes with that picture is a classic.

And that b&w image is so beautiful it hurts. *sigh*



rpattzgirl said...

The video is one of my favs! I watch it frequently!!!