Monday, November 23, 2009

Amended Review of New Moon

I digress....I went back and saw the movie 2 more times, and going again today....and it gets BETTER & BETTER each time you see it.

I was so anxious during the first screening...I had been up for 18 hours straight at that point, and had already been in the theater for 7 hours by the time it started.

I was so busy trying not to throwing up from sheer nerves, that I focused mostly on what was missing in the movie, rather than what was there.

The movie, the acting, the directing, the special effects, the music were 100% all the way.

For me to see a movie 4 times in as many days, twice in one day even, says a lot.


And not that anyone will read this...but I beg you to please, please see the movie more than will not regret it.

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femroc said...

I'm reading it today, rpg, and hope I can go see NM a second time.............I'm obsessed with Rob but not quite as much as you.
I can't believe you share your pc with that many people - seems like you are on it a lot.

Sounds like your daughter is about to have an intervention. That's ok ...........we understand your love for Rob......I hope you get to meet him one day. This much devotion should be rewarded.

Jen who made a site for Hayden Christensen a long time ago and still maintains it ......finally got to meet him and and has seen his several times and he has visited her site about him and it is an AWESOME site.

Has TONS of stuff about him on it and lots of archived stuff. I asked Gozde why she doesn't archive cause I'd love to just go through a huge gallery on some boring day - she doesn't want to do it cause you can get a lot of copyright infringement comments, etc.

Oh well - there is plenty of stuff to find online about our man Rob. I love his every mannerism. Like I said on the blog one time - I wish there was a 24/7 cam on him so we could really get to know him.