Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uh-Oh I'm Busted

I am one of the few lame people who does not own a laptop. My daughter, son in law and kids and I own a house together, and we have one communal PC that we all share.

Daughter bought the PC, I pay for the internet, and we all use it. My daughter (family) are fully aware of my Rob obsession, and frankly hate it. I don't talk about it with them, because I get the sighs, the eye rolls, the tsk, tsk and can tell they're thinking I've lost my mind. But, they know as my bedroom is a shrine to Rob. So what? It's my fucking bedroom, I'm a grown ass woman, get over it.

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I suspect daughter knows about my blog, and the blogs I follow, but has never mentioned it. She's so disgusted by the whole thing she avoids the topic like the plague.

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The other night she tells me "Mom, we need to talk". Uh-oh....

"Do you know you have over 400 pictures of that Rob guy on the PC?"

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"uh, yeah honey, I thought it was actually more".

Well needless to say, my photos gotta go. I need to get them on a CD or flash drive and get them off. I'm ok with that, really, and I know how this stuff bogs down the PC and takes up too much room. What really got me though was she looked and spoke to me like I was mentally incompetent, which she thinks I am.

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I'm ok with that too. I know I'm not, and I know I am not alone as I chat with so many wonderful, intelligent, delightful, insightful, and funny fellow Rob obsessed women each and every day.

Sometimes I feel like he's my "dirty little secret" and maybe there is something wrong with me, but then all I have to do is look his his eyes, and I know I'm home.

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sprtzmom1721 said...

Geez, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. You have to share a PC with your family AND deal with their disapproval? At least I don't have to share a PC ;)

Backing up your pictures of Rob (or anyone else for that matter) to a portable hard drive or jump drive is always a good idea. Do you have a Photobucket account? If not, it's free for a standard account (you can upgrade if needed for a minimal cost). You could upload your images to a private Photobucket album and have Rob at your fingertips (and who doesn't want that?!!) whenever you want without bogging down your computer and away from prying eyes. Just a thought.

You are definitely not alone in your Robsession. Hang in there!

17 Forever

rpattzgirl said...

Ahh thank you Lisa! I do have a photobucket acct & will do that...

Yea, it's a fine line between laughing or crying at my life.. I usually laugh but days like today has been tears..

So glad to have fellow Rob buddies to keep me grounded'

sprtzmom1721 said...

We're in this together :)

Ripley said...

Don't know how you handle this site when sharing your commuter. I hardly let anyone on my PC. So I decided to get a mac book that is totaly only mind. My kids think I'm a bit obessed (ya think!) But it gets me through the day and I'm able to share this buring need to read and talk about this gorgeous guy to others that totally understand. I look forward to his career and more interviews........
Keep up the good work here. Are you able to get any of Rob's upcoming scripts?

roxiegirl said...

Hey rpattzgirl - I appreciate your position. I share a computer with my husband and he definitely thinks I've lost it. So do my grown kids. Only my daughter-in-law gets it. Sigh. I've seen New Moon 3 times, but I'm ready to go again. I'll have to go alone, though cuz no one in my family will go again! Not a problem for me! That is if I can tear myself away from my all consuming obsession of fan fiction! so addicted, I can barely clean, cook, do laundry, go to work, etc!

Ripley said...

roxi--My oldest daughter went with me to NM the first day but I did go by myself the second time. RPG takes the prize on seeing the movie so many times.
I love fanfic too. I've read everything on RPG list except one which I will soon. Always good to share story lists.

rpattzgirl said...


I have both bel ami & unbound captives, let me know if you want either one...

I've been looking for eclipse, but no luck!

Hi Pam!!

Kemberly said...

This is the first time I've came to ur blog RPG and I'm really diggin it..very nice :)

As far as the eye-rolls and all that..don't worry about it..I try not too..I leave my chats open because I don't have a laptop either..and just about every PM or IM is from someone asking me what I'm doing..and they always say..before I even get a chance to reply..oh let me guess..internet stalking Robert Pattinson again..I just tell em..jealousy sucks huh..if u had hair half as good as Robert maybe I would chat with ya more..LOL

rpattzgirl said...


thanks for your kind words and I agree, they're just jealous!

katykeene said...

rpattzgirl.. this is the first time I have visited your blog. I hope you don't mind. I understand totally where you are coming from. My children are quite disparaging about my robsessing.
I have been embarrassed by their comments but I refuse to allow them to dictate who I obsess over.LOL...and I am the mother after all.(although my son does look at me strangely and wonder if I am going through my second childhood when he sees me on the internet Robsessing or hears that I have been to see the movie a few times!!!)
Keep up the good work, both Robsessing and this blog, they are both amazing.

rpattzgirl said...


ahh thanks hun, I appreciate it!