Saturday, November 21, 2009

My review of New Moon

Finally, after so many long months,it's here! I was lucky enough to see it at 12:01 AM on Friday morning. My girlfriend and I went to see Twilight first, then New Moon.
A total of 9 hours at the theater, but well worth the wait.

I thought the movie was phenomenal! Here's a list of what I loved, and what I wasn't thrilled with.

The acting by the 3 stars, Rob, Kristen and Taylor was absolutely breathtaking. Even Taylor, who I am not a fan of, made me weep for his his pain.
Rob was so moving in not only his expressions, but his voice and his eyes. The pain, the longing, the restraint, and the "uptightness" that is all Edward was PERFECTION.

Kristen's portrayal of Bella still left me wanting a little more emotion, but I was really pleased with her performance.

Billy Burke is a total scene stealer as Charlie.

The humans were great...Jessica was a crack up.

Chris's directing and vision was beautiful.

The volturi were scary!

The wolves were amazing!

Things I did not like:

The wolf pack; bad acting...all the way around

The editing was terrible. They jumped from scene to scene so quickly that it ruined not only the previous scene, but the new one.

I hated the beginning of the movie because they started it with Bella running through the crowds in Italy.

So many pivotal scenes were left out, and I'm not talking about not enough Edward. I thought there was enough...but what really pissed me off is after they return from Italy (which btw, there's no trip home, they're just there).

No confrontation between Charlie and Edward, at all. That was a major FAIL.

After they are home and back in Bella's bedroom, and Edward tells her there's no hurry to change her-BOOM, they're in the Cullen's house. No discussion at all about putting it to a vote. Major FAIL there.

Victoria-bleh..did nothing for me.

Will I see it again??? Oh hell yes. Going again tomorrow and Monday. Am I disappointed? A little, but not enough to ruin it for me.

Bring on Eclipse!! I thought the ending was brilliant.


sprtzmom1721 said...

I'm waiting to do my spoiler-free review until after the weekend because I had a few of my friends ask me not to put anything up yet, but I can't wait to vent here :)

The wolf-pack acting was unbelievably bad, and Alex Meraz is the only one who should have been walking around without a shirt on besides Taylor.

Did they seriously doubt that we would have sat in the theater another half hour while they let the reunion scene and the return from Italy live and breathe? You finally had your chance to give us more Edward and it felt rushed.

I do have to admit that after I got over the shock that the end of the movie really was the end of the movie, I did like the tense feeling I got in the pit of my stomach during the long pause before Edward gave his half crooked smile and said, "Marry me," the cheering and clapping of the crowd after he said it, and the shock ripple that went through the crowd when the screen went black. It was a moment I don't think I'll ever forget.

Enjoyed reading your review. Thanks!


rpattzgirl said...

Hey Lisa,
I've kinda amended my review a little since I went back and saw it a few more times.

Still don't like the wolf packs acting, but I enjoyed it so much more the other two times!

I will visit your blog next!

sprtzmom1721 said...

You're probably doing what I'm doing. The more reviews I read on other blogs, the more I rethink my original thoughts about the movie.

I know I've mentioned it before, but every time I launch your site, hearing Rob singing Let Me Sign just guts me. His singing is what pushed me over the edge into Robsession in the first place. I'd really like to figure out how you added that to your site. It's amazing!


rpattzgirl said...


Just click on the music player and you should be able to copy the code, or create your own....