Saturday, November 14, 2009

When I first fell in love with Rob

Oh Rob,
When did you take over my life? It seems like the past year, every waking and sleeping moment is dedicated to you,and I remember exactly when it began.

Last November, we bought a new house and we were busy painting, getting ready for the move. I had heard of Twilight, but had never read the books, and had never heard of Robert Pattinson..oh the horror!

Three days before the big move, I fell and broke my foot. I was hospitalized for 3 days, then bedridden for close to three months. During one of my first days home from the hospital, in a drug haze, I happen to turn on The Ellen show, and she is talking about Twilight and you. Apparently you were her next guest. Ok, I'll pun intended. I really didn't expect much, after all, you were playing a 17 year old vampire in a tween movie.

Well, out you walked and I just about fell out of bed and broke my other foot. I was dumb founded, shell shocked, electrified, lust ridden and crazed by the time you walked out and took your seat. Then you spoke...and that was it. I was hooked. I was reeled in. I was a goner. rpattzgirl was born in that couple of minutes. I immediately started searching for anything and everything about you. I was lucky enough to catch you on the Today show, Jay Leno, Tyra...I was going nuts because I couldn't go to the movies to see Twilight. But, there's always a way...Amazon became my new best friend. I ordered all your UK movies and a special DVD player so that I could watch them. I ordered the entire Twilight series and read them all in a week.

I started searching the internet for anyone that talked about you, and stumbled upon the best blog out there...ROBsessed-addicted to Robert Pattinson. I was home. That site has saved my life and fed my soul.

The next thing you know, I am a Rob professor! I know everything there is to know. I've ordered all the books about you. I know your birthday, shoe size, home town, parents, siblings names..the name of your best friends and beloved dog.

Pretty soon, your photos are hanging all over my bedroom. My children are questioning my sanity. I hardly have any wall space left.

March 2009..I am back to work. My cubicle looks like my room. My families photos no longer adorn my walls, it's you. It's all you. My friends surprise me at work with a life size stand up of Edward Cullen..I'm screaming and laughing like a little girl at work. Edward has stood at the end of my bed ever since. He watches over me, he protects me. (no, I'm not crazy).

Twilight is released on DVD March 21. I thought I would go out of my mind. I buy 3 copies, because different stores sell different editions.

April, How To Be is on cable. I ordered it 4 times, at $6.99 a pop. I fell in love with that movie as well as Art. I fall more deeply in love with you every day. How To Be is up for pre-order in the UK, and of course I order it.

May, Little Ashes comes to Portland. I was there on opening day. I don't have enough words to describe how your portrayal of Salvador Dali affected me. Brilliant is a small word in comparison. I ordered that movie as well, and received it in July. To date, it's my favorite movie.

Of course, I watched daily while you were filming Remember Me in New York over the summer. I cried many times watching some of the things that went on there.

Now, New Moon is 5 days away, Eclipse is in the can. You've been on a press multi- country tour for the past week..and my love continues to grow strong for you each day.

It's not just your looks dear Rob. Or your charm. Or your accent. Or your acting. It's you...your soul, your light, your brilliance. It's everything my love.

I cry, I laugh, I desire.

I'm so proud of you as well. Proud of the choices you've made. Proud of the way you've handled yourself for the past 18 months. I am proud to say that I love you, I adore you, I worship you...above all, I respect you.

Things are winding down and coming to end of the New Moon road. The premier is days away, opening day less than a week. I know you will go home to London and soon as you can and spend some much needed quality time with friends and family. You haven't been home (the 8 hrs doesn't count) for almost a year.

I won't see you during that time, and although I will miss you deeply, I know this is what you need, and I will be waiting for you when you resurface.

You've got another busy year ahead of you with Bel Ami and Unbound Captives. You will have the press tour for Eclipse, then the opening of Eclipse....then shooting for Breaking Dawn..

I wish I could take away many of the untrue and downright nasty things that some people say and write about you..I find myself arguing and defending your right to privacy all the time.

I'm ok with that tesoro. I am here for you. You don't know I'm here, but I send my love to you each day. Take it with you where ever you go.

Your girl

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ADM said...

Such a sweet dedication to a wonderful man. :)