Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Rob in London..Press Conference and Fans

Oh Rob,
I can not remember the last time I saw you this happy or this relaxed? Maybe 18 months ago when Twilight first began?

You are glowing and radiating this energy and this beauty and you're making my heart sing a million songs.

I wish I could ask you what's changed.

Is it because Eclipse is over and you're out of Vancouver?
Is it because you really enjoy the press tours and the travel?
Is it because you are closer to getting back home for a real vacation?
Or is it because you've simply let your guard down and letting your true heart shine through?
I hope it's the latter.
What ever the reason may be, my sweet man, I've missed seeing this side of you and hope it stays with you forever.

You are my light. I am here, feel my love..

Your girl

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