Monday, November 30, 2009

Rob drought of 09, week one

And so it begins....

The New Moon premiere and tour are over and you're not working again till February, so it's doubtful we'll see much of you in the next 2 months.

My heart sings for you because I know you need this, but sadly, I'm already missing you.


Just so you know, to date, I have seen New Moon 6 times. Not only is it a great movie, it keeps me connected to you, and it keeps me grounded. I plan on going at least once a week until it leaves theaters, or I go broke, which ever comes first.


Take all the time you need sweet man, I'll be here waiting for you when you surface.

Your girl

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sprtzmom1721 said...

I live in Illinois. Where the hell do you live, girlie? I we could do the New Moon once a week thing together. It's hard finding a fellow blogger from the Midwest, though. The closest so far is Mary over at The Cougar's Den who is about three hours away. Hoping to make a road trip to meet up with her before NM leaves the theaters and the snow gets too deep :)

I've seen NM six times and feel the exact same way about it that you do. It keeps me connected to him somehow. I went with my family last Friday night to see The Blind Side for my dad's birthday and I seriously felt like I was cheating on him by seeing a different movie, which I think you'll understand. I plan to go once a week until it leaves the theater, too (already broke!). I have even talked my husband into a double date tomorrow night with mutual friends (she's a great friend and Robsessed; her husband is my husband's hunting buddy). We talked them into watching Twilight with us a couple months ago and after watching the trailers for NM, they agreed to see it with us. Can't wait!