Thursday, November 5, 2009

Missing You Rob

Oh Rob,
Now that you're back home in LA for a few days, I'm hoping you'll get some much needed rest and perhaps some time away from the trolls with cameras.

Next week you jet off again to Madrid, Paris and London....then of course you have the New Moon premier, and the TV appearances.

I will admit, I am so looking forward to all the interviews, and seriously down on my knees praying that none of them ask you about your relationship with Kristen. If there is a god (besides you) no one will ask that question. If they do...give them this look...

I know that you can't hear me or my prayers, and that you can not feel my love...but please know that I am here...

I am holding my breath for you and sending as much love as I can out to the heavens in hopes that you will somehow feel it.

I'm here babe. I love you, I respect you, I adore you and wish I could wrap my arms around you and make you safe and warm.

Love Always,
Your girl

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