Monday, May 3, 2010

First Bel Ami Still-OMG DIES

It sounds like Bel Ami will be presented at Cannes, and there's a good possibility that Rob will be attending Cannes again this year!!!!

Here's some updated photos....OMG HAVE 911 NEAR BY!



And because we cherish every part of's a little treat from tink!!




RPLover said...

omg that still is just too much...and like everyone's said, the hottest part (well, aside from his perfect face, lol) is what we CAN'T see!! But are all imagining. ;)

I can't even talk about it, makes me all squirmy! hehehehe

ADM said...

I will not survive this movie.

If I do I will be to embarassed to leave the theater. hehe

Kember said...

Bitch, since you can't stay off my ass over there..I'm bringing it to ur piece of shyte stalker blog..Fugly??..LOL..Cunt I've seen ur old white trash pic on about you wanna come to me with ur lil abusive comments..which are cute..but really infantile and crude..just like you..I could get really mean..this isn't ur playground stalker..blogs can get reported and taken down..and also..the ppl on them..Know who ur dealing with nasty corn-fed..stained up walmart clothes bitch..and be sure to hold that laptop close and tight~! :)

Happy Mother's Day Old Cougar That Robert Would Run Screaming Away From (prolly already wants if he saw ur blog)

Have a nice day :)