Monday, May 17, 2010

New Rob photos sporting his Robkowski hair!!!

Rob, although I will miss your "Freshly Fucked Sex Hair" You are gorgeous with your New Jacob hair for Water for Elephants. The haircut speaks to the times of the movie, a little Warren Beatty from Splendor in the Grass~



I have to wonder sometimes if the tee shirts you wear have any meaning...Currier scum? LMAO!


I know you're taping Ellen today or tomorrow, and I can not wait to see your new do in all it's glory...

Love you Rob,
Your Girl


SafetyJan said...

Lmao. We just called it fuck hair. You have the greatest commentary! Can't wait to see Ellen. And keeping fingers crossed for Jimmy Kimmel!!

17foreverlisa said...

Even though he looks exhausted, I love the pic of him in the car window. Major jawporn and still some fuck hair (LMAO!) left on top. And you know that it will only take him a couple of weeks to grow it out once they stop filming.

@SafetyJan - I can't wait either and I have my fingers crossed right along with you for Kimmel ;)

ADM said...

Miss the hair a little. It will grow back and we really can not tell what the "new do" looks like on him, yet.

Yay, we will get a good look at him on Ellen. I can't wait!