Friday, May 28, 2010

Rob & Tom Cruz MTV Movie Spot-DIES

I'm telling you...there ain't nothing out there that compares to Robert Pattinson...






ADM said...

Last night when I clicked on this I thought it was just TC and almost stopped it. Then suddenly there was our boy.

I think I nearly squeed myself to death!

I love the fact that Rob can makes fun of himself. He is truely one of a kind!

This was obviously filmed before the haircut. Wonder why they are just now showing it.

rpattzgirl said...

I know! I just about fell over trying to watch this vid! I thought it was just a photo!

This makes me excited now for the awards..

And he is so funny & beautiful!!!

Ripley said...

I never thought the word "durt" was sexy till now. And the fist bump was very hot The look on Rob's face when backing up was so yummy.
I can't get enough of him. FILTM