Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robowski makes his debut!!!

Water for Elephants, Day 1 and already he has died us all!!







How will we get through the next 3 months of filming??????


ADM said...

Who knew that he could be just as appealing with dirt all over him.

Why am I surprised? I shouldn't be.

Robkowski is truely going to kill me! I wantto grap those suspenders and never let go!!! hehe

Est-ress said...

rpattz i hope you read my comment

i know you and some other people have move from robsessed to twitter to be "freer" and i understand why, but i just wanted you to know that i LOVE your comments and your ideas, yours and all of the NB, but i'm only at robsessed, i don't have facebook or twitter, so sometimes i miss you.

Obvioulsy, you must be where you feel comfortable, but i'm loosing all the party and i really miss your funny comments. Bad luck to me i guess...

I hope you answer me, i'll come back tomorrow (it's 1 am here in spain)


femroc said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these WFE pix - he looks so great with the higher pants and suspenders........I like that look of pants better than the low rise ones that show your crack. you're on Twitter now instead???? I don't do twitter cause once I googled my own name and some of my twitter comments came up in the search - yikes!!!!! Embarassing........cause it's not good for my job.

Wish there was another way to meet and chat with everyone LIVE in REAL TIME about Rob........I've got so many ideas and thoughts and can't express them to anyone except online. Sadly.

Saw your comments to Solas tonight..............totally agree with you RPG. She's crossed me before too with not so nice comments about something I wrote I just skip any of her posts.

Ana73 said...

Hey what the hell is going on on the other blog??? ITA about the dissecting every fucking word we say. i was taken back by the whole exchange of comments. so you know me i have to be a smart ass. i hope you dont stay away too long but i will pop in here to see what you post. you all know that i dont twitter either so i hope we communicate somehow. sending hugs your way :))

lizzibee said...

Hi rpattz....I usually comment over on Robsessed but I'm not a frequent poster...only when the need arises! Anyway what i wanted to say is that I love your comments. You seem to be a real Rob fan (i.e. love looking at the man!) I found your blog by chance a few months ago and it's really good although I have to trawl down to get to the archives to get to the current month. Don't know if this is the way the site is set up or it's just me being thick...probably the latter!

I totally agree with you about the comments getting a bit'heavy' sometimes and in the past one or two have killed my 'buzz' when all I wanted to do was read how much everyone else loves this remarkable man. So please don't abandon Robsessed completely! I have noticed over the last few months a lot of the old regulars don't post so much anymore...Leann, Suz to name but two. Where are they all?

And @ Femroc....ditto to what you said...I don't 'twitter' or 'facebook' either...It would be nice to live chat to other likeminded ladies!

So...please don't stay away!