Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eclipse Press Junket & TwiCon!!!!

Here is an ADORABLE interview from Access Hollywood..She gets good stuff out of Rob...but dammit, why does she get to touch his hair????

From the Press Junkit:

The TWi Con panel is coming up tonight and Woms is there!!!! Much more to follow.

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Ana73 said...

So i thought i would tell you on your site and not bore everyone with my plans...
i am driving from new mexico next monday with my son, then on tuesday i am going to see sam bradley and hopefully meet you guys and MAYBE get a chance to see rob there :) then on Thursday early morning i am going to see how bad the line is and decide if i will sit out there all day and see how close i get to the red carpet. i cant camp out there because i have my son and i could only get a sitter for the whole day thursday also in the evenings. so there is my plan, i know that it is far fetched but after reading the blogs last night and watching the videos i have to try. i am still trying for the premiere but it's looking more and more bleak with our family friend. my husband flies in friday for his reunion and will drive back with us on sunday and that's my trip. email me so i can ask you some questions, i lost your email address from before.