Monday, June 7, 2010

Rob & New Moon Sweep the MTV Movie Awards

Rob, baby, talk about being king of the world!!! You stole the show winning Best Male Performance & Global Superstar!!!! Congratulations sweetheart!!

Kristen won Best Female. You & Kristen won Best Kiss, and New Moon best movie!!!

Here are some highlights:

Best Male Performance and Global Star



Best Kiss


*****sigh*****  on Twitpic

Congrautlations Rob & Kristen!!! Love you both


RPLover said...

GAH!! I love your new banner. :)

I thought the awards were really good last night-best kiss was ADORABLE!

Ripley said...

Perfect pick for the banner. What a cutie....uhhh I mean he's very handsome. Actually he's gorgeous.
Rob & Kristin were adorable last night at the awards.

rpattzgirl said...

LMAO! He's all those things Ripley!!!

Jen me too bb, they were awesome!!

Ripley said...

As much as I love seeing still pics of Rob, any videos are the best. Just hearing him speak makes my lady parts tingle.
Off to bed to dream of Rob.