Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Epic Robplosion Today!!! We have EVERYTHING Rob

We have a new Eclipse Clip today!!!

Oh! Longer Edward Clip!!

We have new Edward photos!!




Still with me? There's more!!!!!

We have new Robowski pics from 6/7



We have new MTV pics!!!!




Are you still breathing? I'm not...but there's more!!!

GQ Out take-prepare to be DED!


Robstock is almost here, and with the release of all this EPIC HAWTNESS I take no responsibility for my actions in LA!!!!


ADM said...

LMAO!!! Look out Rob here she comes!!!

RPLover said...

Yesterday was EPIC.

Robstock II in 10 days-woot! So excited for you guys. :)

tedgirl said...

I enjoy visiting your Blog cuz of your background music. You might be the only one doing this! Love it.

Looking forward to Robstock II. For your love of RPattz, I salute you. You find time, effort & everything else to do your passion.

Enjoy the trip and may all you girls meet and enjoy each other's company. What tales to tell! Will be waiting. Show some photos too if you may of all the girls enjoying themselves. Cheers to everybody who'll join you ...>>>>>

Hope none of you ladies are on medication cuz when you meet the Pretty you don't know what's gonna happen. Can you imagine the love, fun & hysteria surrounding The Pretty.

Hoping ALL of you get the recognition you deserve!!!

Take care & Keep safe.

rpattzgirl said...

thanks for your support! We all love Rob and it's so nice to share that love with good people!