Thursday, July 8, 2010

Robstock II, My Journey Part VII

Whew!!!! Rob has moved on. He's all the way across the black carpet now being interviewed. It looked like he did not have has much time to spend with the fans on that side, and seemed like he walked pretty fast and was waving at people.

We all just stood in our same spots, I think stunned. I think CL hugged me because I was still crying. Lindsay was a wreck, poor baby.

After everyone cleared off the carpet, the security folks started coming into our area. I really was not paying attention to them or to what they were doing...we were just standing there, trying to hold on to our moment. A security guy came up and grabbed my hand and asked how many people I had in my group. I told him 12. He said "12? I can't do 12" and walked away. WTF was that all about? I had no idea...

All of a sudden, CL was talking about tickets into the premier, and she and everyone else went into high gear and was asking for 2. Telling everyone, ask for 2. I think I just stood there, once again, like a dumb ass! Somehow, some way, we ended up with all 12 of us having tickets. To go see the movie. Eclipse. With the cast. With Rob. In the same building. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

We were hugging, laughing crying. Manifest Destiny!!! That's our motto!!! We clung to those tickets for dear life. We all held hands, held on to each other, and started moving, following a massive crowd of people. Security shouting directions to us. We're moving, we're waiting our turn...we can't believe this happening.

Long line, but we get to the door, and have to go through security checks. No cameras, no phones. We have to turn them in, and pick them up after the movie. CL has her amazing Rob poster, and the fucker at the door would not let her bring it in to the movie. Rob SIGNED the poster, no way she's giving it up. We were pleading. He would not budge! I think she ripped the signature off.....then someone else told her just leave it at the door and get it after. I honestly don't think she got it back, but she got his signature.

Madness inside. The theater is blinking the lights to tell everyone the movie is getting ready to start.

NOOOOO!!! We are still trying to fill out the forms and turn our phones in. Then we have to get an elevator!!!! Some of us separated, I found my way upstairs and got my seat....No words to how big this theater is. It holds 70000 people!!!!

Not all the fans got in. More on that later...

We were all spread out, but some of us were sitting together. The theater explodes then as here comes Rob and the cast. Everyone is standing, screaming, clapping. Rob's whole family was there, Kristen's parents were there, David Slade...everyone.

I think my heart is jumping out of my chest. Twi is sitting next to me. Movie starts...and I am dumbfounded. I swear it was over in 5 minutes.

Lots of screaming and moaning throughout the movie. I missed a lot of dialogue. Twi was grabbing my knew during the meadow, the bedroom.

It was over, and everyone stood and gave Mr Slade a standing ovation. We never saw Rob.

During the movie, Twi (who snuck her phone in) was trying to find out how to get into the cast party.

When the movie was took like 1.5 hours of standing in yet another line of utter madness to get our phones and cameras back. I think they lost either Laci or Lindsay's. Lindsay's phone was either stolen or lost on the black carpet.

Somehow we all met up together outside, but Lindsay was just a wreck at this point.

We quickly walked over to where the cast party was, but we couldn't get in.

This is what we missed!!!


It was over....I don't know how we made it through this in one piece, but we did.

It's time for bed as I think it's midnight or later.....

Here's what we all took issue with. Summit told us YOU HAVE TO CAMP. We went without sleep for DAYS. We stood in every line, sometimes up to 6 hours, because we had to, and because we wanted to follow the rules, and get the prize at the end, which is Rob.

Not everyone followed the rules. They didn't camp. People literally came on the last day and got wristbands that we lost blood sweat and tears to get. And guess what? Those people got time with Rob. They got into the movie. Some even got into the cast party. I'm not saying they didn't deserve to be there...but why would they have the same access or opportunity that we did? There were TONS of fans who camped, followed the rules, and stood in all the lines, and slept on the cement and got burned to a crisp in the blistering sun, that did not get close to Rob. Did not get into the movie. That is a tragedy. That is NOT fair. So yeah, we have a problem with those folks. That's all I'm going to say about it.

There's more...we still have the sad goodbyes on Friday, and then the adventures of me, Dessert, Nik & Loisada at the WFE set and the Chateau Marmont....stay tuned!


RPLover said...

I am loving reading this! So glad there's more to come. :)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Thanks bb!!!

Laurie said...

Utterly amazing. All of it.

Dessert First said...

Watching the Eclipse world premiere with the LA NB's was one experience I will never forget...

Modesty Patch eating her popcorn while her eyes were glued to the screen
Angie K grabbing my knee at key moments and whispering coments to each other throughout.

Seeing it in my local cinema at the UK prieview weekend was just not the same.

Thanks for the wonderful memories ladies --- friends for life :))

jc(britlover) said...

This story is beyond amazing!! I just cannot absorb that some fellow NB's had this ultimate experience. You did it the right way, girls! Love it!

Georgie said...

OMG that's amazing that you all got into the premiere and saw the movie!! I really feel for all of you and the other fans' blood, sweat and tears. I was wondering though what was the point of having to camp out once you all had your wrist bands - Summit obviously wanted the publicity of the tent city scene.

JandR said...

Absolutely awesome to hear that you got into the movie as well as seeing gorgeous Rob in person!! Crap to hear about the loss of Lindsay's phone - I would have been devastated if it had all my pics on! :(
Have you started planning the next chance to see him yet?? LOL Hey he is up your way again soon - sad BD is not being filmed in Oregon but hey you really aren't too far away and if you go Rob-stalking again you know what NOT to do! ;))