Monday, July 5, 2010

Robstock II-MyJourney Part III

Tuesday June 21 we all had tickets to go see Sam Bradley in concert at the Hotel Cafe!

TwiCougar was so awesome she got us a great deal on a limo. This way we didn't have to worry about having to drive, find it, park, and we could drink and just relax. We had no idea that the limo we got was a huge stretch disco limo!! We had quite a good time in the limo. ModestyPatch brought us treats. We each got sparkle peens that we could dip in chocolate, and our skewers had pics of Rob!

Some of us got a little smashed that night, but I will protect their privacy!!

Sams show was amazing as always. He's a great entertainer and constantly interacts with the audience. We had hoped a little friend would be there, and we think he was, but hiding in the back.

For many of the girls not only was it the first time seeing Sam, it was also the first time hearing his music. Believe me, he got new fans for life that night!

About 1/2 way through the show, I kept looking at the back of these 2 blondes that were in front of me, trying to figure out where I knew them from. After a few minutes I realized who they were...Lizzie & Victoria Pattinson!!! Right in front of us!!! I know, they're his sisters, not him, but it was still exciting, and like seeing a little part of Rob. After the show I went and asked them if it was ok if I got a picture of them, and they said yes of course. I know we got critizied for this, but they are grown ass women who could have said no, and they were more than happy. They took pics with a lot of people. I don't want to post the one with me because MP & Laci are also in it, but I'll post one with a stranger in it!

After the show all we went out back as Sam was signing and taking pics with everyone. I didn't do it because I had met him before and had his pics. After a while, the sisters came out, and they and Sam went across the street to another bar...I will leave out the rest of that story as it's not mine to tell!

Our limo picked us up and we went back to tent city. It was a great night!! While we were at Sams, they had shown New Moon on the jumbo tron to all the campers, but we missed that.

Most of us got sleep that night, we were exhausted. I know I slept on the ground that night, but I didn't care, I was tried and would have slept in the loo if I had to!

One thing I've not addressed is going to the bathroom and charging our phones. Most of us used Starbucks and the Ritz. Starbucks got nasty and put up a sign that their bathroom was for customers only and no Twihards were allowed! That was insuslting as most of us (campers) purchased food & drinks in their store. They were really nasty about it, so we stopped going there. I made friends with a reporter at the ESPN and he would let me come sit with him and charge my phone. There were also lamp posts and trees that had outlets in them, so we could also use those to charge our phones. For showers, we took turns going back to the hotel in groups. The hotel was about 4 blocks away, not a bad walk, except for my gimpy leg.

One night we were walking to the hotel in the middle of the night, and this bum started throwing food at us, and then spitting at us!! Woms was walking slow with me, and she was like "walk faster Terri"!

Ok, we're up to Wednesday now, the day they moved us into "Damp Camp".

Stay tuned for part 4!


RPLover said...

Oh, I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh at the whole spitting bum thing! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, though. ;)

The limo was a great idea, and I'm happy for you that you got pics with Rob's sisters. And screw Starbucks!! lol

Can't wait for part 4!

cerulean blue said...

Wow RPG! I've just discovered these reports, they are FANTASTIC! JUST what I wanted to know, a blow by blow report. Thank you so much!

It's so cool you guys meeting each other and pulling this off. It makes me happy. Some things in life are just great. :-)

LeslieHeartsRob said...

I wanna know what happened at the other bar?!??!?!?!?!

Keep 'em coming!!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

You'll have to ask the other NB's as I didn't go in that one. My foot was swelled up so bad from standing for so many hours I just couldn't go in with them...

I know a few went back after we got back to tent city ^^

I was LMAO about the bum too, I couldn't help it!

Est-FREE! said...

i see you survived Rob...i'm very happy for you and the other ladies

17foreverlisa said...

Ok, Terri, this just gets weirder by the minute. Twilove1 (Sue) was also at Sam's concert with F-Kat, also hoping to see a certain someone. She said they were joking with each other that they always manage to get stuck standing behind freakishly tall people at these concerts. Later, when they saw people (!) getting their pictures taken with said freakishly tall people, they realized it was Rob's sisters.

Seriously, you had to be right next to Sue the whole time.

Georgie said...

I'm enthralled with your journey - what a bonus that you were able to take time out together and go to Sam's concert and WOW about meeting Rob's sisters!! You girls were creative and resourceful with the limo, camping equipment, even sparkly peens and Rob swizzle sticks!