Sunday, July 4, 2010

Robstock II My Journey Part II (part 1 below)

Pretty close to 6:00AM Summit started breaking up the line into groups so that we could go in and get our wristbands. Thank GOD it was not what we expected, which was just the gates of hell opening and a sea of people running. They were very organized the way they did it. We were lucky enough to keep our group together!

Almost forgot...even though it was controlled in groups, when the first group got to go in, all of a sudden the entire back end of the line (over 500 people) jumped out of line and starting running up the road to get up to the front..are you fucking kidding me? Like you're going to get in front of other people? Security shut that down real quick!

We went in and stood in another line and got out wristbands! I think we were 48-60...I was #56, which pretty much guaranteed we would be in the front for the black carpet!

Once in, they had us start setting up our tents in tent city. We were in the 2nd row from the front, right behind Twifans. Very small space, we could only put up two tents. I will say that all the campers around us were so nice!

Here's a lovely photo of me. I'm all hagged out, pretty much how I looked the whole time!

Thank God for Twi because she had purchased all the chairs, sleeping bags and all kinds of other goodies for us! She saved us all from having to get that stuff down there. She parked in the garage across the street so it was easy to bring stuff down.
We spent the day getting our camp ready, and waiting for Ang, Wens & Eclipse7 to arrive.

The rules were; we had to camp. We could leave tent city in shifts, but if we missed too many wrist band checks, you were out. We had to be very creative in leaving tent city, and in getting out other 3 NB's their wristbands. We also found out that we could leave for up to 5 hrs and be ok.

I swear I don't remember much of that day, because at this point I had been up since 6:30 Sunday morning, and it's now Monday afternoon...dessert hadn't slept yet either. Some of us went back to the hotel where we collected Ang, Wens & Eclipse7..I have no recollection of who, when or where!

That night, most of us went out for drinks at the Rockin Fish. It was right in the Nokia...there's great pics of us, I wish I could post them! Anyway, we had a blast, got pretty tipsy and just enjoyed being together. I know Modesty & I tried their famous drink...I think was a grog, or something like that....very powerful & yummy drink!

The first night was rough..we were so tired, excited, and could not sleep!!! The Nokia is like Las Vegas at night...lights everywhere, jumbo trons blasting commercials, and the ECLIPSE trailer over over. They don't shut off until 2:00AM. Sleep was nearly impossible. Many of us tried to sleep in chairs.

I know one night, Cullenlover fell asleep tweeting!! Her thumb was still posed to tweet and someone took a pic of her, it's hysterical!!

Oh, we also had laker fans, and drunk WorldCup people there wandering around after 2:00. They were screaming at us "She dies at the end of the movie" "Twilight Sucks". That was fun!

On Tuesday morning (I still have not slept yet) we woke up to a paparazzi taking pics and filming us sleeping. Luckily security was there and kicked him out.

Tues is a blur. I know we got interviewed a lot by various venues. ReelzChannel, EWonline interviewed Ang. ReelzChannel did the thing when we had our Poof shirts on and just had us scream. They were all dying to know what Poof stood for, but we wouldn't tell!

At some point maybe Wednesday, a British guys asked to interview us. We made him say durt & natchos!

That night was Sams concert, and the meeting of The Sisters.....that will be in Part III.

Stay tuned!


jc(britlover) said...

What a dream come true; the experience of a lifetime that luckily, I got to enjoy through you and the tent city NB's! If you couldn't personally be there, this was the next best thing!
RPG-your blog is spectacular, your love for Rob is evident in every pic, vid, song, and loving word you post. Thanks, because you echo exactly the way I feel.
Love and Hugs ♥♥♥

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

RPG--this is awesome. thank you so much for this. this was an unbelievable experience and i'm so glad i was able to share it with all of you. i love and miss you all soo much!

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...


RPLover said...

so exciting to read all about your experience! I'm so glad you all had the chance to get together for this-I can feel the NB love. :o) <3 <3

ADM said...

Wow!!! Love reading about your experience. Can't wait to read more!

17foreverlisa said...

Holy shit, Terri!!! I think I still have the Reelz Channel show recorded. I totally remember seeing the Poof t-shirts. I have got to go and watch it again!!

You weren't far away from my bloggy friend Twilove1 at all, then, if you were wristband #56. Plus, she also said she was by Twifans.

Did you see the group in Tent City that that had the Edward/Bella/Jacob cardboard standup with Bella's face cut out so you could stand behind it like a face-in-hole? That was Twilove1!!

Georgie said...

Wow RPG, I've just read part 1 and II. You girls are troopers to go through all this - the lack of sleep would be a killer for me but hey I guess you were all running on adrenalin in anticipation of your Rob encounter. Now to read some more of your journey...