Monday, July 5, 2010

Robstock II, My Journey Part IV

Ok, we're up to Wednesday now. We had instructions from Summit that we had to be packed up and ready to move at 6:00AM....UGH!!! They needed us to move so they could begin setting up for the Black Carpet Premier.

It was supposed to be an organized move, moving us to same way they moved us in, but it did not go that way. Summit had put up barricades in the street, in between The Staples Center & Nokia. We were told we would have more room in our new camp. Uhhhh, yea, that was not the case. Our new camp was way smaller, AND it was soaking wet! We brought this up and security said there was a leak, nothing they could do. It's been 95* during each day that we are there, so we figured it would dry up and we would be fine. WRONG!

We decided not to worry about, we only had one more night until the Black Carpet & Rob...and it was another scorcher that day...

That morning Tinsel Korey came to tent city and she was nice enough to pose for pics and sign autographs. I did get a pic with her, but I look like such a hag with my burger king crown on, I just don't have the heart to post it!

This day turned out to be amazing! There was a rumor going around that Peter Facinelli was coming down to tent city and that he would be working Alex's lemonade stand. Everyone took off and got in this huge line to wait for him. I didn't, I think I just sort of wandered around. After a very long time, I went back to our camp. Pretty soon everyone else did as well.

Soon, we were treated with a visit from Peter, Billy Burke & Charlie Brewley!! They were so awesome! And holy shit sooo good looking! Peter and I had met before, so I was really excited to meet Charlie and Billy. Many of the girls got great pics with both of them..I didn't. I just stood there again, like a mental mute!

They passed out gifts, and food and Billy passed out his CD. I didn't get one though, once again too short & too slow!!! I had nothing for them to autograph because I didn't know anyone was coming, so I had Billy sign my burger king Eclipse crown. He said "Really?" but he signed it anyway. Yes, I'm a dork.

Peter also came into tent city and sat down in campers areas (not ours, but right across). He seriously loves his fans!

Wednesday night we just sort of chilled. We went out and ate in shifts, and settled down for our last night in camp, and tried to get some sleep. HA!! We were so wrong, again!!!

It was noisy (as always) and bright (as always) and we got woken up from screams and of the wolf boys came to visit around midnight and brought his band, right in front of our area! ARGH!!! A couple of the girls went and got photos..I think it was Kiowa Gordon. I could care less!!!

A while later, the girls on the ground and in the tents woke up soaking WET. The leak was back. At this point, it was 2:00 in the morning, and we were DONE! We had to be up and packed once again by 6:00AM to clear out of camp for the premier, so we just said fuck it, packed up and left. It was the first night we got to sleep in beds. It was heaven!!!

We had to be back at Nokia by 1:00 to line up for the premier!

Ok, we're getting close to Rob time...I promise.....Part V will be up either later tonight or tomorrow!


LeslieHeartsRob said...

This is sooooooo fucking awesome!!!!

Can't wait for part V!!!!!

ljcargile said...

I'm glad you are writing this RPG!! Just got a chance to come over and read. I've been thinking that I need to write it all down too so as not to forget more than I already have. Definitely going to do that!!

RPLover said...

Leslie, ITA! loving it.

Ripley said...

Loving every word. Anxiously waiting for more.

17foreverlisa said...

I have got to tell Sue to get over here and read your posts. This is too funny. She said the light put out by the huge screens made it seem like daylight and that the Eclipse trailers would play every 10 minutes which got old in a hurry and that the same group of girls screamed every time. She said that Kiowa's band was there and they weren't very good. She did manage to get Billy's signed CD.

Georgie said...

This is a fantastic blow by blow account of your adventure! What a bonus to be visited by PF, CB and BB. So glad that you were able to sleep in a proper bed before the big day!