Friday, July 9, 2010

Robstock II My Journey Part VIII

Thursday night after the premier, after the movie, after Rob, surviving Rob, we went back to the hotel, and I for one just crashed and passed out. It was so over whelming. None of us were looking forward to Friday.
Friday meant Robstock II was over, and we would have to say goodbye.

Weeks before, we had arranged for Nikola6 to meet us for breakfast before some of the NB’s had to leave that day. She so wanted to meet these women, and we all wanted to meet her! Dessert and I already had plans with Nik for that day & evening.
Unfortunately, good old LA traffic interceded and she was running so late, she was not able to make breakfast. We still went and tried to savor our time together as much as we could; but all good things come to an end.

I don’t remember who left first. I just remember us standing in the lobby, crying, hugging, and saying good-bye. Nik did show up and was able to meet some of the NB’s. I will tell you that saying good-bye to them was one of the hardest things to do. These were my sisters, and none of us knew when we would be together again. But we definitely will. MD!!!!

So off to the next adventure!
Dessert was staying until Sunday, and I was staying till Saturday, and Nik had this brilliant idea to get us a room at the famous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. On her. Her treat. Are you kidding me? Nope, she was not kidding. We had also arranged to meet up with the lovely Loisada and have a Rob party of our own.

The Chateau goes back to the days of Hollywood where the Richard Burtons and Elizabeth Taylors stayed. Movie stars would often live there for a month or two. They had their love affairs there. John Belushi died there. It’s infamous…Rob and Kristen have stayed there several times. Remember the photographs of them from the balcony, or on the patio? Remember Rob eating on the patio? Remember the morning after the 2009 MTV movie awards? But, I’m getting ahead of myself…and no…we did not expect Rob and Kristen to be there. Nik just wanted to show us a side that most people never get to see.

We all hopped in Nik’s car and headed out to Piru, Ca which is one of the filming sites for Water For Elephants. (the other was Filmore). We met up with Loisada there, who is fearless! We hopped into her car and she had no problem saying, hey let’s try this road! We drove by the front of the set first and noticed a few cars parked across the street with fans waiting, hoping to get a glimpse. We drove around to the back, and got as close we could, without being on private property. There were also a few fans in the back as well.

It was AMAZING!!! The tents, the trains, the CIRCUS!!! I wish we’d have thought to bring binoculars!!! It was about 100* and just blazing hot. We just stood and stared, shared stories; got to know each other. Enjoying being together. You talk to people on line and form these bonds…but meeting them in person…the bonds just grow stronger.



After a while paparazzi started showing up…so we knew Rob must have arrived. Turns out, he’d just gotten there. It’s about 2:00 or 3:00 by now. The pap rats were trying to get photos, walking around, trying to be sneaky. I took a pic of one of them. Security came and told us we had to cross the street because we were on private property. Thank god Loisada had a couple of camp chairs in her car, because I was back to having cankles again! I was so burned by this time my feet were purple and my cankles were in full bloom. Hello! You lived in LA your entire adult life and didn’t bring sunscreen? Yep, that’s me.

Nik & Loisada went and bought us lunch and brought it back to Dessert & I. A couple of other fans showed up.
I immediately spotted Rob walking across the set. I’d know that walk anywhere. Hands in pockets, head down, long legs and log stride. I took tons of photos, but on my crappy little camera you can just see a dot…but that dot is Rob. He waived in our direction. The girls next to us had binoculars and confirmed it was indeed Rob. ( I knew that). We couldn’t see the filming, but we could hear all the clapping and cheering going on under the big top!
I think all in all we stayed out there about 3 or 4 hrs. Being that he didn’t get there till 3:00, we knew it would be a long day and night before he left, so we packed up and left and drove back to Hollywood.
Dessert & Nik went and stocked up on adult beverages and we headed into the Chateau!! What an amazing place this is. Just old Hollywood glamour, cool, and boy do they treat you like Queens!!!
Nik went to check us in and discovered a lovely surprise. We had been upgraded to a Bungalow…the best you can get! The place is to die for. Beautiful rooms, right near the pool, a secluded hideaway behind the bamboo trees. To quote Nik “ I wanna live here!”


Our plan that night was to drink, talk, watch Remember Me, and just have a Rob party. We did about ½ of that, as I was exhausted and I think went to bed at 11:00. Big partier!
Nik had made a reservation for us to have brunch on the patio on Saturday. I can’t believe she did all of this for us! We had brunch at 10:00. We weren’t seated more than 10 min. and in walks Xavier Samual (Riley) with his girlfriend. He sat at the table right next to us. This is a safe haven for celebrities. They’re not to be bothered or photographed, so we ignored..Sort of. There were some sideways glances!
The brunch was awesome, great food and service. Well duh!
Right as we were getting ready to leave, in walks Cameron Diaz & ARod. I am not star struck (only for Rob) so I really could care less, but it was still cool all the same.
Time for more good-byes at this point. Loisada had to get back to her family. She is such a lovely intelligent person and I so enjoyed meeting her and ROBsessing! Loisada was standing downstairs waiting for her car, right next to Adrian Brody!
Nik drove Dessert & I back to the hotel, where more good-byes were looming. It was time for me to go.
We drove down Sunset and Nik pointed out Rob’s In N Out, where he used to sit in his car and read scripts. (He read Remember Me there). You know I had to take a photo of that!


Saying good bye to Nik and Dessert was harsh as well. I’d spent an entire week with Dessert, and could hardly bare to leave her.

And Nik, what can I say? She’s my soul sister on so many levels. She knows why….and I love her to death.

Would I ever do this again? You bet your ARSE I would, in a heartbeat!!! It was worth every bit of pain (I had lots) and no sleep. Best of all was Rob, and my new BFF’s for life.
My advice for anyone thinking of doing this; Go for it. It’s the best time ever! (Are you listening JC?)
Having not camped out for Twilight and New Moon in Westwood, I have nothing to compare this experience with. From what I heard and have read, this sucked compared to the first two. I don’t care, I wouldn’t change a thing.
Would I do anything differently? Yes. I would and will speak to Rob next time. I will tell him what his movies mean to me. I will tell him what he means to me. I won’t ask him to dump Kstew and run away with this old lady, but I’ll think it all the same.
Thanks for reading! MD! MD! London calling!

Random pics...

Here's Kellan

Here's me..

The Nokia at night is so pretty..

Here's part of our Team Ross skit..

Here's a gorgeous pic of the mole we all want to nibble on!

And last but not least.... a beautiful smile...


jc(britlover) said...

God, I love you to death!!! I don't want you to ever stop talking about this!! What a trip to stay in the bungalow at such a famous old Hollywood location!! And, yes I'm listening!! PS..OMG, you saw Rob in person..OMG!!

Dessert First said...

Awww RPG It was wonderful to meet you and so hard to say goodbye.

I agree with "go for it." At times I thought I was totaly insane going all that way to meet Rob. I just didn't meet Rob though. I met the most wonderful, like minded, lovely group of ladies EVER!

I hope Robstock III in London will be as rewarding. MD MD MD MD!

BYW was "adult beverages" code for Stoli vodka??? LOL. I can't believe Nik did that for us and meeting Loisinda was great too. Set stalking with you was unforgetable - if a little hot!

Forever in my heart RPG :))

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Ok, I'm crying now Des....

and jc, you WILL be there next time!

And yes the STOLI!

Laurie said...

Okay, okay, now I am flat out on the floor jealous. Your account is so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing. I would so love to do this with you guys but I'm caught between my 91 y/o mom and 86 y/o husband. Go figure. I was young and married a much older man. Now I am paying for it. Not really. He's a peach but I can't leave him for long. I'm trying to figure some way.

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

sniff--i am so glad i was able to rearrange my work schedule so i was able to share this wonderful week w/all of you

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

i miss ya all so much!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Hon, you gotta work it out and try it once. Is there a family member that could help out for a week? You got time!!!

Laurie said...

I am trying here but...Okay, this is silly enough to be one of my stories. My family is ready to put me in a padded cell over this Rob stuff. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my kids but....My dau maybe could take her dad for a week (and she is the best choice, she has a big house and only 2 kids, one is a teenager) but if she knew it was for Rob she wouldn't do it. I guarantee it. My #2 son has only been married a year and for most of that time he has had a brother-in-law living with them. I feel so sorry for them that I don't know if I could bring myself to ask him to take his dad for a week. He is such a darling he would do it. #1 son would probably do it too but (always a but) he has 5 small kids that would drive grandpa NUTS!!!!!! They live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle, make small footprints, compost, keep bees, weave, recycle more than I do and eat really weird stuff like nettles. It is total chaos in that household, believe me, it is a good thing they live across the country from us. But I'm working on it, working on it. Not giving up yet. How much time do I have?

Laurie said...

Oh, and mom is not a problem. Not only is she amazing at 91, my brother already does lots for her and will not mind at all. One down, one to go.

Laurie said...

And to my kids, if you stumble on in here and read my comments, Forgive me. I really do LOVE you no matter what.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Oh good lord girl!!! You have lots of time...BD 1 is a year and half away, and BD 2 will be 2 years....
Then there's always Bel Ami & WFE which will also be in 2011, so lots of time!!!

Laurie said...

What a relief!

Laurie said...

Good grief! In that amount of time #1 son will probably have another kid. They are pumping them out every year or two.

nikola6 said...

Hey darlin...

I so want to apologize for not e-mailing since our time together. I'm not ignoring you (or anyone else. I haven't written to anyone). It's hard to explain but, I guess I've kinda crashed emotionally. I've never done the internet thing before all of this.
Not just writing about someone, but making connections with, well...strangers. That's how it starts, talking with strangers and then suddenly one day, you realize that you're not talking to strangers. You're talking to friends. And I'll admit that I was nervous before we met. Would you like me? Would you see that I was the person I had presented myself to be? What would you really be like? And I can't describe how it felt when I went up to that hotel front desk and I heard someone say my name...Bobbie? I turned around and there you were with this kind of shy expression on your face and we fell into each other's arms and I don't know how to explain how I felt. I was thisclose to bursting into tears. But I buried those feelings cause I didn't want to embarrass you or myself. But I didn't know how quite to feel what I felf; that I was meeting someone for the very first time, yet I already loved you. I knew you were my friend and that you were a safe person for me. And I was just laying eyes on you for the first time. I've never had such an experience.

And as our short time went on, there was never a moment of awkwardness or a lull in the conversation. We knew each other. And I wanted more time. It just wasn't enough. And so...I've crashed a bit. Even stayed away from the blog. But I'm back and as soon as I finish here, I'm heading over to e-mail. I feel a connection to you Terri and I don't want to lose it and I hope I'm not overwhelming you here. And I'm sharing these feelings here with everyone so that they can understand that this experience has gone beyond internet chatter about an actor. And that they'll hopefully take a chance to open themselves up to the people they're meeting here.

I love Rob for many reasons; I'm attracted to him in the way that a woman is attracted to a man. And I love him in a way that a mother wants to protect a child (I know. Very confusing). But I am now grateful to him. Because of him, I now know you. And the other girls too. Hey Dessert and Loisada. You guys were so wonderful. And even though I only got a few minutes in the lobby with the other girls, I knew they were good people too. And I meant what I said the other day on the blog...I would place Rob's safety in anyone of your loving hands.

Thank you so much for writing all of this up. It's made me cry thinking back about it all. I waited and anticipated for quite awhile and's over. So soon. And I'm rambling here (there's a newsflash) so I'll shut up. But before I do, you are so welcome for the Chateau. I just wanted you to experience something old glam and grand about Hollywood.

Love you darlin...


nikola6 said...


The Breaking Dawn premiere will be ROBstock IV as Comic Con 2011 will be ROBstock III. And were goin' to Comic Con. Although now that I think of it...

BD might turn out to be ROBstock VI. Stay with me...

*Remember Me premiere...ROBstock I
*Eclipse premiere...ROBstock II

*Bel Ami premiere...ROBstock III
*Comic Con 2011...ROBstock IV
*Water For Elephants premiere...ROBstock V
*Breaking Dawn premiere...ROBstock VI
*Breaking Dawn, Pt.2 premiere...ROBstock VII

Okay. This is getting ridiculous.

And they said there'd be no math when I signed up. Liars!

Shit. We need a secretary around here.

nikola6 said...

Or at the very least, a travel agent.

Georgie said...

You're right Nik about the great friendships made with like-minded Robsessors through our love of RPattz. We OzPattz keep in close contact and some of us have had a couple of great get togethers - in Sydney for NM and Melbourne for RM and planning our next one for BA - unfortunately there are no Rob premieres in Australia!

Thanks so much RPG for sharing your account of your totally amazing journey, and the other Robstock II girls for adding your comments.

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

nik--you said it perfect--the man brought all of us together--wish i could have met you but my plane left too early. ita-when we all met there was no awkwardness because we already knew each other but there just wasn't enough time together. wish we all lived closer and could see each other more often

Dessert First said...


I keep promising to send an e-mail but RL has been hard to get back into since returning from LA.

Although brief the time I spent with you was magic. I vowed that I wouldn't do another Twilight but hell... a girl can change her mind can't she???

I must stay longer next time. Ok I can't stretch to a stay at the CM but to see you again would be worth the 14 hours flight time.

Love and miss you Nik

I agree we need more time together next time.
I miss you and the other LA NB's so much and I'm still suffering the goodbyes as I type this.

FILTMSFM for bringing us all together.

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...


PerfectDate said...

Wow, I am sure you posted links to the other (seven) posts, but I only just saw this one! Thank you so much for sharing! I felt like I was there. I have been reading Robsessed for a long time, but don't get to comment much (3 kids, etc etc). What started out as a twilight obsession has now become a total fascination with Rob. I just shake my head some days, completely mystified. But you all know what I mean! I don't know if I could do the whole camping thing, but to meet up with and talk with others who are such big fans of his, it would be awesome. I seriously considered going to the RM premiere in NYC (I just celebrated a "milestone" birthday this year, that trip would have been my gift to myself). Your stories might have persuaded me that a Rob premiere is worth all the crowds and craziness. I just feel heartbroken for anyone who was camped out and didn't get a chance for Rob to maybe sign an autograph. See, I always end up in the "wrong" (read=slowest) line at Target or wherever, so with my luck.......but if it were among friends, you all seemed to just have made the best memories. My time is up (2-year-old is done with the sticker sheet LOL) but I have bookmarked this blog! Thanks again, everyone, for sharing........

jc(britlover) said...

Seriously, as much as I wanted to see Rob in person, I wanted to meet with fellow NB's!! I was devastated that I didn't follow my heart and go to LA! I learned a big lesson at a very mature age!! If I had gone, I think my sentiments would have mirrored yours absolutely. Common bonds really hold people together, often for a lifetime. And what an awesome common bond we all share!! Here's to future Robstocks!


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

You guys are killing me with your comments!!!

Ripley said...

I've lived Robstockll vicariously through your postings of the week long adventures. Stories of camping, seeing & talking to Rob (GAH), meeting other fans, restroom finds or lack of, and WFE shooting site were what we all wanted to hear. It amazes me and thrills me that a love for Rob (and the internet) has created so many friendships. I hope to attend one of the future Robstocks.

twilitemom said...

Thank you RPG for your wonderful account of the Robstock II adventure. I lived vicariously thru all the tweets and updates that took place that week and I laughed and cried with all of you!!! I hope one of these days I will have the pleasure of meeting you (as well as Rob) in person.

twilitemom said...

@nikola6...I volunteer my services as "secretary" to this group as I am an Executive Assistant in my RealLife......My RobLife is much more interesting tho....

JandR said...

More awesomeness! I just can't believe this it keeps getting better and better. You went to the WFE set and actually saw Rob there and he waved? This has to have been one totally amazing experience and one you will never ever forget - thanks for sharing your amazing story with the rest of us! It has made me tingle all over, laugh, cough..haha I love it!! :D

femroc said...

That was an awesome story Terri - you guys literally went through hell - I can't believe you had to wait in those temps - I would have gone insane. Twi and NM were better cause it was NOVEMBER - cooler and easier to manage outside I'd imagine. That's so cool that you got so close and you got to go to the premiere - you really got lucky but you deserve it after all you'd put up with.

I laughed SOOOO hard at your description of yourself - MUTE when he came up to you.......I think I'd do the same .......what do you say????

I loved that crazy video of the girl who just started crying when he came up - what must that feel like to Rob odd to have people cry when they see you or freak out or freeze or go ballistic........not sure how I'd handle it if I were would seem so overwhelming and, why are these people doing this???

So cool that Nik gave you such a treat at the Chateau - wow - she must have some bucks. You just got to see them ALL didn't you? Were they all more gorgeous in person than on the screen?

I wonder why Rob wore that maroon, burgandy suit - it sure stood out and I thought he didn't like to stand out.

Remember at the Harry Potter premiere he wore a red velvet jacket and black leather pants.......who could miss that??

Next time - take your sunscreen and take one of those throw away cameras, for a back up. You can have them put the pix on a CD and still put them on the computer - they aren't the best quality but if your phone dies you've got it.

That's cool that you got to go to the WFE set too, wish they'd have let you get closer. How do that pappz know his every move? Did you hear pappz being rude or trying to get him pissed off?

Those after party pix of Robsten were unmistakably pix of lovers - they both looked so proud to have their arms around each other. OMG to be able to hug him - smell him - talk to him.
Wow - thanks for sharing your amazing story. I loved reading every word.

femroc said...
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femroc said...
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