Sunday, July 4, 2010

Robstock II-My Journey-Part 1

I'm not sure where to start as so much happened between 6/20 and 6/26! I will say that my version might be slightly different than the other 11 NB's because we weren't together 24 hrs a day, and different people had different experiences and had different things happen..

Plus, the whole week is such a blur to me...especially once Rob stepped on the black carpet...I swear he dazzled me to the point of amnesia!

We all have tons and tons of photos of the whole week, but many do not want their photos on the web, so out of respect for them, I won't post them.

I arrived on Sunday 6/20 after a 2 day, 16.5 hr drive. I was nervous, exhausted, but full of raw energy. CullenLover, Annie, Woms, Modesty, Lindsay and Laci were already in LA when I arrived, and we met up at the Subway next door to hotel. It was BEYOND amazing meeting these amazing women in person. I felt like we'd known each other for years, and honestly, I felt like I was meeting my sisters for the first time.

Dessert was to arrive that night, as well as stuff4ang, but Ang had a huge snafu with the airlines, and her plane was delayed until Monday. That's when we were also expecting Wensdazzled & Eclipse 7.

We hung out for a while in the "party or Robporn" room. We had fun getting to know each other, and decorating the room with posters of Rob.

We then walked down to the Nokia theater which would become our home for the next 3 and 1/2 days.

We went back to hotel that night to wait for desserts arrival!!! She finally got there (have no concept of time) and she is just lovely!! Des was exhausted from her long flight, so we told her to go grab a few hours sleep and we planned to come get her in a few hours when it was time for the line up at 6:00AM.

Well, things changed pretty rapidly at that point. We went back down to Nokia to see if we could find out where we were supposed to line up at 6:00AM. Summit was very specific, no line up before 6AM on Monday, and we couldn't be in the area after 1:00AM. We walked around and Lindsay was just determined to get info. She worked it! She started talking to different LA Live security people to see if she could get some info. Each one told a different story. There were already people lined up about a block away, as that's what they were told by LA Live. No one knew anything!! It was very frustrating. By this time, TwiCougar was there and she was also trying to get info. At that point we went back to hotel and woke up poor dessert. She only got 2 hrs of sleep after all.

We went back down to Nokia again, I think it's around mid-night, 1:00 by then...all of a sudden, we see this line forming next to the LA Film Festival garage, so we hopped in line.

We were told at this point it was the "unofficial" line. We had no idea at the time if we were in the right spot, but all of a sudden tons of people started showing up. So much for Summit's rules. They should have known better.

There were about 28 people in front of us, and we immediately let our neighbors know we had 3 more people coming. Long story short, it was the official line, and because Summit had no security there at this point, all hell broke loose. People were cheating, line cutting, and no one except for one Twi-Dad who acted like a know it all was there to control it. It got pretty nasty there for a while. We took photos of the people in front of us, then watched that grow from 28 to 50. There were a couple of girls who cut in front and REFUSED to leave. It got ugly.

The ironic thing is, we didn't plan this, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got in the right line. There were tweets going out from certain people that we were all "cheaters" because we got in line before Summit said we could. The funny thing is, the person accusing us of that, was tweeting from the LINE. Just pissed off that they were so far back. Karma is a bitch sometimes.

Anyway, Summit folks finally showed up around 4:00 and got some control. I don't know how many hours we were in line. It was cold, none of us had been to bed yet, and we were squished. I think it was between 4-5 hours total.

Sorry this is already so long...this is only the first night!

Part II will be up later...stay with me!


Dessert First said...

RPG I love and miss you so much!!

I have no idea what kept me awake as we lined up that night.
I had been traveling for about 24 hours with just naps on the airline.I was exhausted but my mind refused to let my body sleep.
Excitement or adrenaline??

Either way, even though I had only just met up with you all I knew in my heart that I had met friends for life

Robert dosen't know the half of his powers that bring us all together!


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I love & miss you too!!!

I don't know how we survived, especially those of us who really did not's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, or when it's Rob..

At home, I can hardly stay up till 9:00, and I was up for almost 48 hrs the first 2 days....

woms said...

Oh my God Rpatzzgirl, I'm reading this and started sobbing! ! The second you wrote its like meeting your sisters for the first time! !! This was so overwhelming and fills me with so many emotions everyrime I think about it or look at the pictures!!! You guys ARE my sisters, my NB sisters and miss you and the amazing time we had together like nothing else I've ever missed before! !!! Thanks for writing about it. I had the best time of my life and love you all so much!!!!!!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Me too just kills me that it was over in like 5 min!

Laurie said...

Thanks soooo much for posting your experiences. Wished so much to have gone and feel a little like I was there through your report.

Ripley said...

Thanks for posting your experience. I've been anxiously waiting to read the details. Sounds like you were all warriors for sticking it out for 4-5 days. How could you keep it together? Looking forward to more. Please detail every second of Rob. *sigh*

17foreverlisa said...

I finally have some time to sit down and read your posts. I loved following your tweets during it all and am just so happy for you.

I think Dessert First summed it up perfectly: Robert doesn't know the half of his powers that bring us all together!

My bloggy life and my RL have collided twice now and a trip to Forks this fall with the Twitarded gang will really bring the two together.

One of my roomies in Forks was also at the premiere. She said the same thing about getting there around midnight and an "unofficial" line was already forming. She also mentioned girls that cut and would not leave and that things got ugly. She ended up being wrist band #74. I wonder how close all of you were in line.

Ok. Off to read your other posts :)


mya bluesky said...

i've been waiting like forever for ur story. i keep checking ur blog since eclipse premiere over. thank u so much for ur story