Saturday, February 27, 2010

Freedom of Speech People! They're trying to take it away!

As a big fan of "M" rated FanFiction, I fully support this mmovement and encourage everyone to get involved.

Help ban the Literate Union:
Hello, I'm trying to get people to
join together to get rid of the LiterateUnion. As you may know, they're responsible for getting a lot of our favorite"M" rated stories deleted. I don't feel that anyone has the right to tell uswhat we can read or write. They pretend to uphold the rules of this site, andyet, they have broken rule after rule. Here is an email I sent to FFN. I'mhoping that if enough people complain, the Literate Union will be banned fromthe site. If you aren't familiar with them, please check out their forum soyou can see how reprehensible they truly are. I sent the following email to:reportabuse@fanfiction(dot)com I would like to bring to your attention a violation in the forum, "LiterateUnion." According to your forum rules: 2) All discussions, language and content, must be suitable for teens. The thread titles alone are in violation; "** that Happens Here, FR SRS," "Meet the Sexy **," "The **
List," "The **Store," "Chat of Threesomes" This is the forum in question:http://forum(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/forum/Literate_Union/61196/ I also checked out the forum creator's profile and frankly I'm concerned. Hereis part of what's on it: "I play the part of the pervert, but please don't think acting like a ** willmake me best buddies with you. Have some self-resepct, God damn it." "Poor little thing..." "Stop talking to your **." And that's only a tiny portion of what is offensive. I understand that therearen't any rules about profile content, but is that appropriate for a "teen"to view which is what I thought was standard? Please
check out thisindividual's profile page.http://www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/u/1600268/Kittysaurus And this was on their offsite blog,http://literateunion(dot)blogspot(dot)com/ What is the LU? The LU -- The Literate Union -- is a society that helps get rid of theplaguing, illiterate stories on FanFiction. In this Union, we get rid of thosestories which seem to be written by a monkey exploring technology with itsfeet. We help improve authors along with removing against the rules
fics...asmany as we can. We're not God/Satan, people, nor are we the Admins of thissite! The LU is full of flamers and concritters, and basically target thestories that FFN would be better off without. Some are in it to help clear uptheir favorite fandoms and some are in it for the LULZ. Everyone is motivatedby a different reason. How does the Union work? The Union works through emails and online communication. An accepted membergive their email to either Dictionary or George, and they are added to the LUemail contacts list. Then, every Saturday, a mass email is sent out to allmembers containing details of the 'AKS', or '** Kicking Subject.' By usingthis method, we organise a massed flame on a particularly offensive story,usually with positive or lulzy results. So in other words, this group encourages people to spam authors' stories. Isthat not also a violation of your site
rules? Please take the appropriate action and remove this forum and it's creator fromyour site. I'd like a reply telling me that this situation has been resolved. Please feel free to use the content of this email and forward it on to anyoneelse you know. If you use what I wrote, you'll want to replace the (dot) inall the web links with an actual period when you send your email in.

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