Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rob Sightings!

Last night Rob was out supporting his sister and someone was able to get a photo! He looks adorable (as always)in his beanie & many layers.
It's also being reported that Rob will appear on the John Stewarrt show on March 2!!!

Yay!!! Remember Me and promos next week!

Oh, and this is so yummy!
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femroc said...

He looks so young in that photo from last night!!

wensdazzled said...

he looks rested and so happy too. good to see. glad he is back home

rpattzgirl said...

At first I wasn't sure it was from
last night... but as ADM pointed out that's the jacket from a few weeks ago, and his sideburn looks extra long...

He is so beautiful and looks so young!!

RPlover said...

he looks gorgeous for sure! being home agrees with him.

Martini Gal said...

I just got completely caught up reading High Anxiety and just let me say...

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH EDWARD?!?!?!?!? Doing coke and being with Tanya!!!!

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!

Sorry - too caught up reading and now I must sleep as I am exhausted. I hope everyone has a good rest of the evening and that tomorrow is a good Friday!

Sweet wonky Rob and sparkle peen dreams! hehehe **waves*

ADM said...

RPG, my first thought was he looks so young here. Then I saw the jacket. He has not worn it before this year. Maybe a Christmas gift. LOL

He also looked very young at the BAFTA's.

Teri said...

@rpg - I just finished reading Numb yesterday. I cried so much towards the end, great rec - thanks

femroc said...

I found this info in a review of Remember Me......lookin' good!!
Now on to the important stuff…

The sex scenes
Yes, there were sex scenes in the movie. In fact, there were three.

The first sex scene was about 1-2 minutes long. Most of it are close ups of them together having sex…naked…moaning…and groaning. We do see skin!!!

The second sex scene is what I’m assuming is the next day after they have sex (or it could be a couple hours after the first sex session). They are both naked in bed laying side by side. It was kind of weird and awkward as they both started gyrating under the cover and started to make weird sex faces.

The last sex scene was hot! Although, during the discussion group people felt that this scene was unnecessary and confusing. The scene takes place after he comes back from storming into his dads board meeting and confronts his dad for not showing up to Caroline’s art show. He comes back to his apartment (he and Ally had gotten into an argument before he confronts his dad) so they are both frustrated and angry. He storms in and is an emotional wreck. Ally tries to comfort him..which leads into hot, angry, frustrating sex. He’s pushing her up against the wall and they have nice wall sex together.

rpattzgirl said...

I've read that review & it sounds hot!!!
2 more weeks-got my tickets today!!!!