Monday, July 26, 2010

Edward Stands In The Street For Rob

As most of you know, on Saturday July 24 Rob decided to spend the day doing normal everyday things that most of us take for granted. He wanted to see a movie, hang out with his friends and go to a pub to relax.

Did that happen? Of course not. Thanks to the most obnoxious gang, and I do mean gang of paparazzi's. Most, if not all are from that disgusting site Xonline. They are infamous for the things they have done to Rob and Kristen. They are the ones who went after Rob in LAX a couple years ago and got in his face and asked if she's sleeping with Kristen. They are the same ones that caught Kristen at a gas station and asked her of she's sleeping with Rob. I've heard that they will say ANYTHING to get the reaction they want. I read that they even said something to Rob once about his sister Lizzie, and what they'd like to do to her.

They have no boundaries, no morals, no humanity and no soul.

I won't post the pics or the video, because frankly they are disgusting and sad. I will post some of the dialogue from that night courtesy of RobLove...clink on the invisible link below...


[0:04 min] - day, standing beside car with agent Stephanie Ritz and lots of papz around flashing
- are you just gonna keep following me around?
Papz: no...
(drives away)

[1:15 min] - evening, standing on the street surrounded by papz
- ... I mean, seriously, you just look at yourself for a second - you got a million pictures. I can't drive when somebody is following me around, I got 5 cars following me around. You already got enough pictures.
(flashes blinding him) Jesus
[0:35 min]
Papz: get into car...
- I want you guys to leave first. Seriously just go first - go away and I'll leave.

[1:55 min] - walks to a papz
- Like, you can't hide behind it. Why you try to hide behind it, just speak to me to my face.

[2:26 min] - drives away, talks to police (constant flashes around him)

[3:02 min] - talks to papz
- ...I mean, you are not gonna find out, and this is the same reason coz I don't want people follow me all the time, coz when people follow me I get like, almost... This is ridiculous, like where is... I mean, seriously.

[3:12 min] - gets out of car
Papz: Are you feeling OK tonight, coz I heard some stuff about you. (walking in front of him pointing camera into his face)

[3:23 min] - address police again
- ...street
Voice: ...they are on the street too.
- ...follow me and it's dangerous... right behind me
Papz: Is fame driving you crazy bro?

[3:40 min] -walks on the street
Papz: Personally, I love all your movies everything about you... (walking in front of him pointing camera into his face)

[3:50] - to his car window approach female paparazzi (note: she's done this in past videos "provokes reaction")
Papz: Yea
Papz bitch: I don't have card on me, but, car?
(Rob smiles, listens)
Papz bitch: you... anything? (keep asking him questions)
- No. (shakes head in response)
(drives away, papz shouting - Team Edward)

This was after the entire day of them following him around. It started out with the movie theater with Stephanie, and then went on throughout the entire day into the night.

The LAPD did nothing to help. There are supposed to be anti-stalking laws in Calif. But who enforces them? Certainly not the LAPD.

So what can we as fans do? Well, don't click on the links of these websites, don't look at the pics, don't watch the videos, don't buy magazines that buy the photos, and don't visit blogs that post them.

It's a fine line, because most of the pics we love and see of Rob are in fact papz what do we do? Not look at any of them? I think that's almost impossible not to. I think there is a difference between some of the pix and ones that are clearly not ok. Rob hates them all, but lets me honest here, who's going to stop going to ROBsessed? Who's going to stop drooling over set pix from Water for Elephants?

A photo taken with a long lens from far away that's not too personal or invasive? Yeah, I'll probably still look. But the stalkerazzi ones, like from Saturday night; no way, no more. We have to take a stand and just say NO.

Edward says no more. Edward will stand in the street for Rob.

I will stand in the street for Rob too...but I can't take self photos!

All we can do is continue to love and support Rob. We can stop going to these websites and giving them hits. We can stop buying magazines that buy these photos. We can demand that our cities and counties uphold the paparazzi laws. We can sign petitions, and write to our Senators and Congress, and demand equal rights for all citizens, including celebrities.

Rob, sweetie, you will never know how sad your fans are. How angry we are. You will never know that most of us would quit our jobs and leave our families to help protect a heartbeat. Just let those scums of the earth try to get near you when NB's are around. They would leave with no cameras and probably no balls, not that they have any to begin with.

Here's what I like to see. Happy Rob melts my heart.


Silly Rob...



Relaxed Rob...


Sexy Rob...



Some mouth and jaw porn Rob...


Finger and uh, arse porn Rob...

Beautiful Rob...



This is how your fans want to see you Rob. We will protect you, at all costs.

Love Always,
Your Girl


jc(britlover) said...

OMG...I am still just devastated by this papzscum situation.. I totally agree with you and I swear, rpg, I could pack up and come to LA, try to stay in front of ThePretty's schedule and be first in line to protect our man and make sure there's no repeat of this action.
Yes, keeping up our support of Rob is the best thing to do..of course NB's always have his best interests at heart. My greatest wish is that he would realize how much love and support his true fans have and that we truly want his normal, private life to be separate from all the LA craziness!!
NB' to protect and serve!
FILTM!!! and NBU!!!

jc(britlover) said...

Love the happy, smiling Rob and of course the big opening pic makes ME smile a lot!!! That's how Rob needs to look..always!

Dessert First said...

All day yesterday I was so angry with the pond scum papz! They had pics but they wanted his privacy and that is a big no no as far as I'm concerned!

How would they like it if they had their home splashed across the press for all to see. Bloody press and yes fans would camp out 24/7 to watch his every move.

Rob I love you dearly but your private life is just that - PRIVATE and none of my Goddamn business. I have no wish to pry into your personal space just because you're famous, you don't need for give up your privacy.

I said this before but I'll say it again. From the bottom of my heart I would give up a chance for a pic, a signing and even a damn hug from the sexiest man alive to piss the papz off!

I have not saved any of those pics or watched the heartbreaking vid. I only got through half of what RPG wrote about it - sorry girl - I couldn't take even that!

It will be a sad day for all of us if Rob ends up with a group of minders... no way in hell of touchy feely happy fan pics that's for sure.


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I think we all share the same feelings...

Robs privacy & safety first at all costs!!!


RPLover said...

Loved your post, bb!

Those fuckers are nothing but criminals in my eyes-paid, obviously police protected, stalkers. They've caused deaths before and they will do it again before they're through. It's totally sick!

I hope Rob can continue to stay strong and keep his composure like he so clearly has done all through this. (No matter what any shitheads say about this incident!!!!)


tedgirl said...


Thank you for a beautiful post and took exception of the LAPD. Good on you. Hoping that the officers concerned read your blog so as their Chief of Police. Wonder what the conversation would be?

Cheers to Rob .....!

Thanks for your response. Left a little note behind.

Ripley said...

I did watch the video yesterday and I kept thinking of it today at work. Very depressing. Rob handled it calmly which was so smart. The man drives me crazy :) But what a horrible way to live. My heart just aches to see Rob (or anyone) treated so badly. I wanted to punch that guy who had his camera right in front of Rob's face taking pics as Rob was walking across the street. Actually I would have kicked him in his nuts (if he had any)
rpg - love your avi. yummy.

modestypatch said...


Beautiful post. I love the way you ended with the happy & gorgeous Rob we all know and love.

The papz make me sick. I hope Rob knows that we, his fans, will stand up for him and that we do not condone this kind of treatment. It is inhumane and dangerous!

Rob handled himself with integrity and like a gentleman. I would not have been able to have that much self control.