Monday, July 12, 2010

New Outtakes from Recent Photoshoot-Ok everyone can just die HAPPY!

Dear Rob,

Stop, ok, really just stop. You cannot continue to do this to women who cannot have you. It's not fair! You really were just put on this earth just to tease us, right?

Well, it's working. You have grown ass women ready to quit their jobs, leave their family and friends, move to a new state just to get a glimpse of you! Me included!! If I thought I could get away with it, I'd be moving back to LA in a heartbeat.
You just wait, I may just do it someday!

I don't know who's picking out your clothes lately, but do me a favor? Keep them around...the colors you are wearing, the pants, the shoes...everything about it is just RIGHT. The fact that you are wearing vans, makes me squeeeeee!

Love you always,
Your Girl


Ripley said...

Rob can't take a bad pic. He makes clothes look good. Every time I see these pics all I can think of is stuggling up between his legs. -going for a cold shower-

twilitemom said...

Are you f*cking kidding me....these are outtakes?!?!? Each photo shoot is better than the previous one...The man can not take a bad picture.

nanciemuse said...

Hey, any one else there from Portland (OR) metro area? Would like some Robsessed meetings. All alone here with my Robsession, except reading posts. Has there ever been a man as awesome as Rob Pattinson?