Thursday, July 29, 2010

Water For Elephants Release Date

Ok it's official....April 15,2011!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my fucking god!!!! 260 days to go!!

This means the official ROBSTOCK III will be in full plan mode. All we need now is the premier date and the location and we are there!!!

I can't begin to post all the new pics that have come out in the past few days, so in honor of my southern NB's who are there or on their way to TN here is Robowski!!

Rob, has anyone told you how bad smoking is for you? But DAMN good for us!

Rob has a little sumpin sumpin he carries in his pocket...

Rob's bitchface to the pappz!

This is the face I dream about...

No fuckin words...

He's so silly....


Wet Rob and his designer sandals! He makes this look HOT!

To all the girls in or going south, Cullenlover07, LeslieHeartsRob, Lindsay, and Laci..

I love you all....MD MD!!!

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jc(britlover) said...

Had to check blog before turning in. (glad my happy pic is still up). Rob has never looked more handsome or sexy than while shooting WFE!!! Of course, we say that every time he takes on a role. And it's the truth. Wishing TN NB's lots of luck on this final leg of shooting. FILTM more and more, although that hardly seems possible! Thanks, RPG. You have a beautiful blog, full of love.