Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Video made by annie for patty! She's brilliant!

Annie made this video for CullenLover07 & angie-k to honor the beautiful work they did in New York...getting all this yummy Rob footage on video.

Annie has other amazing videos on her channel, please check her out.



wensdazzled said...

gives me shivers

RPG saw on the other blog you are feeling better--i'm glad--you were sick a long time :)


Teri said...

Hey RPG dropping a line on your blog to say hope you are feeling better. Rest up for this weekend girl - I CAN'T WAIT to see this move.

rpattzgirl said...

I'm on the mend... be home a few more days, resting up for the big weekend!

annieEvilRobPornPusher said...

thanks for putting up the vid here :DDDD

Nancy said...

I am subscribed to Annie on You Tube. Gawd, I am all over the place. Twitter, Facebook, Robsessed,, Twilighted, RPG Blog, TwilightMoms, YouTube, I am totally Robsessed.

Rob is now my life.. GAHHHHHHH now what? Love my fellow ladies that are also this way. hehehehe
Hugs to all. You have saved my life since we're in this together.